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When is the Best Time to Move?

Once you’ve decided you’re going to move, the next big decision you have to make is choosing when is the best time to move. Depending on the climate in your area, it may be a good idea to plan around the seasons. In Canada in particular, it can be especially bad if you choose the wrong day to move. The likelihood of being rained or snowed out can be great, so it’s best to plan ahead. There are pros and cons to moving during any season. The date you choose depends entirely on what works best for your situation.  We’ve put together some things to consider when planning your moving day. 




One of the benefits of moving during the winter is that often rates will be lower than usual. This season may leave you in a better position to negotiate rent, purchase costs, or moving rates. The downside is that weather can often become cumbersome, leaving roads icy or slick. Unloading moving trucks can be miserable in the rain and snow, so often people opt to move during warmer seasons. 




Moving in the fall is usually the perfect time to move, depending on where you live. The weather has cooled but it’s not too cold to unload boxes comfortably. There’s a low chance of major precipitation, so the weather is ideal. However, if you plan on using professional moving services, costs may add up. This could leave you with a smaller pool of funds to use during the upcoming holidays. 




Similarly to fall, spring lends temperate weather conditions to your move. Not too hot and not too cold, spring moves can inspire you to throw your windows open, start spring cleaning, and pack your home up swiftly. If you struggle with allergies, however, it may not be an ideal time to plan your move. It’s no fun sneezing up a storm while carrying heavy boxes. 




When the weather gets warmer, people usually choose that time to make their move. Many people take time off during the summer and often children are out of school. This leaves more free hands to help with packing and loading up your moving boxes. However, with more demand for moving services, availability may be low and rates could be inflated during this time. 


No matter when you choose to move, it’s always a good idea to have the right team of professional movers on your side. With years of experience, Real Pro Movers has the right tools and equipment to execute any move. Whether you are moving your family or your business, Real Pro Movers is there for you. For more information about our services and our rates, contact us today. 

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