Destress While Moving

Tips to Destress While Moving

Learning the top ways to destress while moving can help simplify your next move to Mayne Island. In fact, learning these tips can prove beneficial for both current and future moves. If you are living on the Vancouver Mainland, chances are you are tired of the daily rush and traffic. If you work remotely from home, or are planning a retirement and need to unwind, then Mayne Island is ideal. Mayne Island offers the convenience of being near Victoria and Vancouver, but without the excess traffic or crowds. Although less traffic and crowds sounds convenient, moving from Vancouver to Mayne Island is not the same as moving 10-minutes down the street. As with any move this large, it is easy to feel overwhelmed at the thought of travelling across an ocean! That is why we are sharing the top ways to destress while moving to Mayne Island.


Ask for help 


Moving is often a very stressful time, but can be made easier by asking advice from people with experience. That being said, there are many educational resources to help simplify your next move. They include: moving articles (like this one), books, friends, and professional moving companies. Getting help from books or friends may be free, but can often lead to inaccurate information. For optimal advice, it is recommended to explain your situation to a reputable moving company, and get custom feedback.


Planning well in advance will help to destress while moving


A move between Vancouver and Mayne Island should not be rushed, as it entails a lot of connected components. Components to consider once you’ve found a new home to move into are: ferry travel, moving fees, labour, and timing. A move this size will entail multiple points of contact such as: ferry terminals, movers, and building strata (for condos). That’s why it is essential to plan well in advance; as there are often long waitlists for certain companies.


Destress while moving: hire professionals


Hiring professional movers for your move to Mayne Island can offers a wide array of benefits. For instance, reputable moving companies are experienced at moving furniture in a way that protects your walls and belongings. This translates into reduced liability, and improves your chance to get your deposit back.

Hiring both reputable and professional movers also reduces the chance of theft. Reputable moving companies screen their employees well and want to stay in business. Lastly, hiring local professional movers gives you the advantage of working with individuals who know the area well. Companies familiar with the area (Mayne Island) are aware of the challenges that can arise, and work to avoid them.

In summary, moving to Mayne Island from Vancouver offers a unique opportunity to enjoy pristine wildlife in your own backyard. However, a move across land and sea from Vancouver to Mayne Island is not without its challenges. Ways to destress while moving to Mayne Island include asking for help, planning, and hiring professionals. Implementing these three tips are an easy way to help simplify your next move. We wish you a safe and happy move to Mayne Island!


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