Tips for Cleaning Before a Move

Moving houses can be an exciting time for you and your family. However, before you get to settle into your new home you have to think about cleaning before a move checklist. Depending on if you own, rent, or lease, it may be a requirement to leave the property spotless before you move. Landlords and stratas may require a full clean-up before any security or pet deposits are returned. We’ve put together some tips that should help you get started. 


Review lease or rental agreements

If you are renting or leasing, a good rule of thumb is to review your lease or rental agreement. Usually these agreements will detail the stipulations of your moving out and getting deposit refunded. Sometimes landlords may leave you financially responsible for professional cleaning services done once you’ve left. Reviewing your contract should let you know exactly what you’re responsible for. 


If you still have questions, we recommend you connect with your landlord or strata manager, or building manager. They should be able to give you some insight on how thorough your cleaning needs to be. Regardless of the requirements, you should leave the space as clean as it was when you moved in (or cleaner!). This makes sure you’re not on the hook for professional cleaning costs and guarantees the safe return of your deposit. 


Be extremely thorough while cleaning before a move

It can be tempting to do some light dusting and call it a day, but most landlords and potential buyers will expect you to leave the place sparkling clean. Though it may mean some extra work for you, it leaves you off the hook for paying the cleaning bill once you’ve left. 


Some important areas to pay special attention to cleaning are: 


  • The entire bathroom, top to bottom;
  • Tops of cabinets and cupboards; 
  • Tile grout; 
  • Mirrors and windows; 
  • Inside cabinets and storage areas; 
  • Carpets; 
  • Baseboards; 
  • Fan blades; 
  • Outdoor spaces. 


Although these are important things to pay attention to, you will want to be as thorough as possible when assessing your specific space. Remember, you can never leave a space too clean. 


Clear out your junk pile

Moving can be a great time to take inventory of your items and get rid of all the stuff you don’t use anymore. No point dragging items you don’t need to a new place just to have it taking up space. Cleaning out your place will be easier if there’s less to work around. Be sure to donate items that are usable. 


You will also want to avoid leaving any unwanted items in the space once you’ve left. Your landlord or buyer will most likely leave you financially responsible for removing the items. 


We hope these tips will prove helpful while you prepare for your next move. For help with your next move, contact RealPro Movers today!

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