The Right Professional Packing Services for You

Packing everything you own for relocation can be a daunting task – it seems like something you should be able to handle once you figure it out. And besides, hiring a professional Vancouver moving company is expensive enough without additional costs. But using professional packing services can save you time, money, and a lot of frustration. Here are some tips on finding the right professional packing services for you and your family.

When to use the Packing Services of a Moving Company

Ideally, all of your belongings (except last-minute items) should be packed and ready to go by moving day. It is probably worth investigating the packing services of a moving company if you

 so stressed out you’re procrastinating
 doing a last-minute move
 moving long-distance to another province
 the proud owner of collectible formal dinnerware that needs special attention
 determined to spend time with family and friends you won’t be seeing again for a while
 a family of more than 4

And don’t forget, before you even begin packing, you will need packing supplies such as china
paper, bubble wrap, moving boxes, and packing tape. The moving company you hire will normally
include the necessary packing supplies as part of the service you choose.

Common Packing Options a Moving Company Offers

Most Vancouver movers offer different kinds and levels of packing services. When deciding the
level of packing services you need, consider the following:

 the size of your home (more bedrooms equals more packing time)
 the number of fragile items that require packing
 the number of valuable items including paintings, antiques, etc.
 the number of days until moving day

The following are some common packing options a moving company offers their customers.

Self-Packing: The movers wrap and prepare the furniture for transit; you pack up everything else. Vancouver moving companies offer supplies on order if you need them. This is advisable. When you order supplies from a professional moving company, boxes are a standard shape (easier to load) and packing supplies such as tape, china paper, and bubble wrap are industry standard.

Partial Packing: A moving company will typically customize a plan based on your needs, packing as much little or as much as you require. You can have movers pack up one or two rooms such as the home theatre or the home theatre and the basement.

Full Service Packing: When a moving company packs up your home for you it generally means you don’t have to lift a finger (literally). They will bring all of the necessary moving and packing materials and have all the boxes and furniture ready to be loaded one or two days before the date of your move.

Custom Crating Services: If you are moving a piano, hot tub, a pool table, chandeliers, or a wine collection, you will probably need to have it custom crated. Custom crates are typically designed for the specific item being relocated. It offers maximum protection and security for the item inside, securing it in transit.

Wardrobe Packing Service: The moving company will pack all the clothes hanging in a closet
into standard size wardrobe boxes.

How much will it Cost?

When hiring professional packers, cost factors include: how much they have to pack (volume), how long it will take (packing time), how many items need special handling and how many packing supplies are required. These factors combined will also determine how many packers (labour fees) will be sent by the moving company to pack up all of your belongings.

The cost of packing services differs from one Vancouver moving company to another. Some movers bill by the hour; other moving companies charge a flat rate. Before signing a contract with a professional moving company make sure that you are clear on their moving and packing policies, how you will be billed, and what, if any extra charges there will be.

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