Storage – Locker Nightmare and Solutions

Do you like to collect things and need a storage – locker to keep your belongings?

Old photographs, yearbooks, or even your child’s first baby blanket are all examples of belongings that carry a sentimental value. Regardless of whether you are planning a big move, or just settling into your new home, we can all agree that everyone becomes attached to their belongings to some degree. After all, many of these items make for great stories at family gatherings. Rest assured, there is nothing wrong with having a large collection of personal belongings. However, this only becomes a problem once these belongings begin causing distress, anguish, and financial strains. Today, we are going to delve into the downsides of excessive hoarding, and how to take preventative measures with storage – locker to ensure that your move is as agile as possible! 

Mover Type:

Which type of mover are you? To better understand the dangers of excessive hoarding, let’s take a look at a true story of a family-friend of mine who experienced a storage locker nightmare. The two most common types of movers:

  • People who move roughly every two years (which is becoming increasingly common) tend to pack light. Meaning they only buy what they need, and have no desire to hold onto items that are not actively used within one month. 
  • People who rarely move, roughly every 5-10 years, tend to hold onto a lot of belongings, citing that they may use these items in the future or that they are very special to them. 

Potential Problems: Paying Too Much for Storage – Locker:

Holding onto a lot of belongings with boxes of items littering people’s homes, lead to moving complications. For example, a friend of mine – Sarah was planning her first move in 6-years after learning that her Landlord had sold the apartment. Fortunately for Sarah, she immediately secured a suitable new home.  Her close friend (who happened to own a moving company) agreed to help her. The main issue present in her story, is one shared by many Canadian renters today, which is that rent prices are rapidly increasing while square footage is decreasing. Sarah realized she had far too many belongings for her smaller apartment. Instead of downsizing, she contemplated renting a 10X10 foot storage locker. 

Weeks later, attracted by the low $150/month introductory storage-locker rate, Sarah chose to store her belongings. She planned to have more time later to decide what stays and what goes. Here is where the nightmare begins. Sarah who works 40-hours per week noticed that her introductory rate of $150/month ended after only 3-months. This lead to a new rate of $300/month. Naturally, Sarah wanted to switch providers to a cheaper storage facility, but moving a fully packed 10X10 locker filled with boxes is not as easy as switching internet providers. Distraught, Sarah realized that with her busy work schedule downsizing at that moment in time was unrealistic. Sarah ended up paying $300/month for 18-months, racking up a bill for $5,400!

Potential Solution:

  • Organize items into a list of “wants verses needs”, and only keep items categorized as needs.
  • If throwing away old books or clothes feels wasteful, then donate unnecessary items instead (Value Village is great place to donate your belongings).
  • Digitize old physical photographs and scrapbooks by scanning copies, and saving them to a USB.
  • Choose a home with a built-in storage or spare den; to transform the space into a free storage unit.
  • Downsize while earning some extra cash via online or garage sales.
  • Giveaway belongings to friends or family.

Wishing you all a safe and happy moving experience this year! If you need help moving please call Real Pro Movers or get your estimate on our contact page.




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