Storage Containers aren’t just for Moving

Portable storage containers allow you to pack and load them at your own pace. When moving, time management is important. But storage containers aren’t just for moving. Are you planning to remodel? Is there a major renovation in your near future? Do you have to stage your home before you move? Portable storage solutions offer homeowners flexibility, convenience, and versatility when they want to keep their belongings near by but actual space to store them is limited or non-existent.

Renovating or Remodeling

When renovating or remodeling, typically you will need to clear out the room before you begin. The freedom to move around and have access to the floor, walls, and ceiling is an important part of the process, especially if you have to add wiring, lighting fixtures or pipes. But what if there is nowhere else in the house to store the items in the room being remodeled or in the immediate area of the planned renovation? Vancouver movers can provide mobile storage where you can store your belongings throughout the renovation or remodeling process.

Community Events

 If you belong to a non-profit or charity organization that is constantly in fund-raising mode, renting some form of mobile storage could provide the safest solution when having to store tables, chairs, tents, and equipment required for a particular event.

 Student Storage

Mobile storage containers are the ideal solution for students who need to store their belongings during the months school isn’t in session. For tight budgets, it’s a cost-effective solution to shipping your belongings home or paying for a three-month contract for a storage company unit you might have restricted access to.

Staging a Home

When staging a home in preparation for selling, realtors and stagers advise homeowners to define the purpose of each room, remove personal items, and replace furniture that is outdated. In order to make that happen, the home must be decluttered and the furniture and household items stored somewhere else. A portable storage container makes it easier to clear everything out and store it in one place – it also allows easy access your belongings during the staging process and scheduled viewing times.

Tips for using Portable Storage Containers

Vancouver movers agree that using portable storage containers can be a convenient, short-term solution to other situations besides moving where you need to secure your belongings. However they do suggest that you still load the containers as though you were really moving to maximize the available space and keep your belongs safe. Some tips for using portable storage containers are:

  • Choose the right size for what you need. Don’t base you’re decision on price alone, because you might end up with a portable storage unit that is too small.
  • Think about what will be stored inside the storage container. Most containers aren’t climate controlled – if the items to be stored are sensitive to fluctuating temperatures, you might need to find another way to store them.
  • If you need a waterproof container, ask the Vancouver moving company if it is – not all types of containers are waterproof.
  • Pack items you will need access to at the front of the container for easy access.
  • If the portable storage container will be moved at some point, pack and load it for maximum protection – load back to front; distribute furniture evenly throughout the container; and load vertically (heavy to light), securing boxes and furniture as needed.
  • Ensure that the container has an adequate number of locks.
  • Before renting one, find out if there are any restrictions, bylaws, etc. in your area that will dictate whether a portable storage container can be parked on the street, a driveway, or the lawn, and for how long.

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