Start Here: Things to Include in a Moving Checklist

Getting ready for a big move, whether across the city or to another town in the province, is a roller coaster of
emotions from excitement to fatigue to uncertainty to happiness. Many moving companies provide a printable
moving checklist to help get you organized. Moving checklists suggested by moving companies are usually
divided weeks and the tasks that need to be done before your actual moving day. Especially if you are feeling
overwhelmed and a bit confused, here is a look at things to include in a moving checklist in the first week of

Book a Moving Company

The first major decision you’ll have to make after finding out you will be moving is to pick a date and hire a moving
company. Moving companies are the busiest during the summer months (June, July, August), the first and last
day of each month, and on weekends. If possible, try to avoid moving during these peak times. However, when
you don’t have a choice, pick a less busy time. For example, if you’re moving in June, schedule the move for mid-
week instead of the weekend and book at least 4 weeks in advance.

There are plenty of local moving companies – how are you supposed to select the one you can trust? Start with
referrals from family members, friends, and co-workers. Check to see if the company is a legitimately registered
and licensed business (valid website, working phone number, etc.). If someone you know can’t give you a
recommendation, when consulting internet or phone book directories, the same process applies. A quote you
receive over the phone or on a moving company’s website is not binding until all services are itemized and a
contract has been signed.

Purging, Sorting and other Fun Activities

Moving companies often charge by weight. Go through each room of the house with “new” eyes – decide what to
keep and what to get rid of. Moving is an emotional time. Be willing to let go of items that are beyond repair, have
outlived their usefulness, or you haven’t used for over a year. For items that have a very strong sentimental value,
take photos – it’s easier to pack the pictures than the items themselves.

Sorting all of the items in your home is an important part of the process of moving; it also gives you a better idea
of how many moving boxes and rolls of bubble wrap you’ll need. Once you’ve decided what’s going with you and
what’s not, you will need to get rid of the things. Sort the soon-to-be ex-belongings into a “Giveaway” pile, a “Sell”
pile, and a “Trash” pile. You might want to subdivide the trash pile into things that can be disposed of with the
regular garbage, need recycling, and have to be hauled away.

Organize a garage sale. This can help reduce the amount of stuff in the “Giveaway” pile that will need to be
dropped off at charitable organizations, thrift stores, etc.

Create a Moving Binding

Another important task on the start here moving checklist is to create a moving binding. But I’m a digital organizer
kind of person! You will need some place to file the mover’s contract, lists of things to do before moving day, and
other important papers relating to moving into your new house, including receipts for tax purposes.

Packing Supplies

After the initial shock of having to move from someplace familiar to a new home, most people think about packing
supplies and wonder if there will ever be enough moving boxes or bubble wrap to secure everything that needs to
be packed. A moving checklist

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that includes the packing supplies you’ll need will help you order (or collect) the
right number of moving boxes and other moving supplies such as packing tape, bubble wrap, wrapping paper,
and specialty containers needed to ensure everything arrives safely at the new place. Knowing in advance what
moving supplies you’ll need will save you time and money.

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