Reasons a Moving Company Saves You Money

When a family begins to plan a move, often one of the first things they think of is: should we hire a professional moving company or should we do a DIY move? The first option sounds expensive while the second choice seems more budget-friendly. But there are several persuasive reasons a Vancouver moving company saves you money.

Logistics of Moving House

The answer to hiring a Vancouver mover versus a DIY move might seem obvious if you’re only moving a couple of blocks away or to another neighbourhood in the same city. But the logistics of moving house can be just as complicated for a short-distance move as it is for a long-distance relocation.

Many household items such as a large screen TV, a top load washer and dryer, an antique sideboard, or a grand piano are heavy and unwieldy to move. Combine that with the physical aspects of your living space – a flight of stairs to reach the front door, limited access to the freight elevator, the moving truck can’t park directly in front of the building – and a “simple” move from old house to new home can quickly become complicated.

It makes financial sense to hire a Vancouver moving company – professional movers are trained in moving everything from standard household items to furniture pieces and items that require special handling and special equipment to move them safely. They also have the basic tools and standard techniques for packing, loading the moving trucking, and unloading your belongings efficiently and safely.

Hidden Costs of DIY Moving

When self-moving, you expect to pay for a rental truck, moving supplies, and gas. However, there are other costs associated with DIY moving that might not be so evident. Hidden costs of a self-move include:

  • insurance for your belongings
  • mileage charges
  • reimbursement for any damage to walls, etc. while moving out
  • replacing items out of pocket for items damaged or broken in transit

Full service moving companies provide moving boxes and other basic moving supplies to help you get started moving and packing. A professional moving company has the size of moving van you will need – reputable moving companies let you know up front the types of transportation costs that are included and the ones you’ll be expected to pay separately. When you hire the services of professional movers, your belongings are protected by the moving company from loss or damage.

Preventing Injury

Regardless of the physical shape you’re in, moving can be hard on a person. Bending down and standing up to lift boxes can strain muscles and cause back pain. Moving heavy furniture pieces such as beds, sofas, and other large items that can’t be dissembled can be awkward and difficult to move from house to vehicle. The potential for accidents caused by tripping over objects, falling down stairs, and dropping items on unsuspecting toes are high. Professional movers know how to maneuver items to avoid physical harm and property damage. The last thing you want on moving day is to have to make a trip to the hospital.

Last Minute Moving

While a planned relocation is stressful enough, last minute moving for a dream job or an unexpected emergency can seem impossible in the short amount of time you have. Hiring a professional moving company can reduce one of the major sources of stress for a family moving on short notice.

Most Vancouver moving companies have a number of packages to choose from, allowing you to do as much of the moving and packing yourself, or as little. It might seem like a big expense to have movers pack your belongings, but the time you save finding moving boxes, purchasing moving supplies, wrapping china in packing paper, etc. will be worth it in the long run.

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