Real Pro Movers – Moves the bulk so you don’t have to!

Are you planning a move? Call our moving experts in Vancouver at Real Pro Movers. Our team of dedicated movers have years of experience and routinely transport assets, big and small, for your home or business. Real Pro Movers are used to transporting items that many other movers will not haul, like expensive or large assets. We have invested in the tools and training for our skilled personnel to comfortably and effectively move your items safely, smoothly, and cost-effectively. Allow us to become your go-to specialty movers in Vancouver!

Vending machines – We move them!

When it comes to moving large objects like vending machines, Real Pro Movers has all the necessary skills to effectively move your large equipment in a timely manner. The Real Pro team has years of experience and required knowledge to effectively plan and execute your large move. We have experience moving large objects over long distance and in high-rise buildings without elevators. Our movers are aware that the biggest risk in moving large objects are the potential risks to health and safety. It is our utmost priority to keep our client’s property in the same condition that we received it in. This requires our specialty knowledge of how to secure and transport these heavy items so our client’s can ease their minds that their items will arrive safely and on time.

Moving fridges? No problem!

Our team specializes in moving large and heavy objects and practices the utmost safety when transporting these items. Are you a large restaurant chain or supply company that requires the assistance of seasoned movers? Call Real Pro Movers and ask us how we can help you with your moving needs.

Moving a large safe? We move safely!

When moving valuables such as large safes, it is important to understand the construction of these items and how best to approach transporting them. These items can sometimes exceed the weight capacity for some vehicles—ask our movers the best method for transporting these items to the location of your choice. With Real Pro Movers, you will have guaranteed peace of mind in knowing that our team of knowledgeable and experienced movers have the tools and expertise required for all your moving needs.

Restaurant relocation? Call Real Pro Movers!

If your restaurant or supply company is looking into moving locations, Real Pro Movers has all the necessary skills and tools to make your move as seamless as possible. As a first choice for Vancouver establishments, Real Pro Movers are experts in providing top-notch service that ensures our client’s happiness. We offer dependable movers and specialized moving equipment that can be utilized for all your moving needs! Let us provide our services for business’s relocation!

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