Protect Your Belongings From Theft While Moving

Protect Your Belongings From Theft While Moving

Learning how to protect your belongings from theft while moving is a critical skill to learn. This skill becomes more important when moving long distances, such as when moving from Vancouver to Nanaimo. You may be wondering how theft occurs during a move. After all, with so much going on during a typical move, it can be hard to imagine losing your belongings to theft. Now, let’s delve into the various ways you can protect your belongings from theft while moving from Vancouver to Nanaimo.


How to protect your belongings while moving via truck


Before moving to Nanaimo by ferry, you still need to load your belongings safely into a truck. Choosing the right company can make all the difference when moving your boxes and furniture by truck. Firstly, avoid moving truck companies that don’t disclose enough information or fail to display their address. A lot of these online moving scams will make websites overnight claiming that they need a deposit before they can send you a truck. However, once you have paid the deposit, you will not receive the truck as promised. This can be easily avoided by researching for reputable moving companies and reading online reviews.


How to protect your belongings while moving via ferry


After you have found a reputable moving company, and moved your furniture and boxes into your truck; the ferry stage begins. A ferry ride from Vancouver to Nanaimo can take approximately 90-minutes. That gives thieves 90-minutes to break into your truck. One way to minimize the risk of a break-and-enter is to not leave your truck unattended. One option is to spend the majority of your ferry ride inside your truck. Also ensure, that your truck has a lock in addition to the safety latch. Unfortunately, most trucks have an easy open latch without a lock. This means anyone passing by can simply open your truck whenever convenient. Instead opt for a latch lock as an added precaution. Remember that thieves are looking for easy opportunities to strike. That is why the best way to protect your belongings from theft while moving is to make stealing from you harder. Eliminating opportunities from thieves doesn’t have to be complex. In fact, it is quite simple, and can entail the following: lock-up items, physically monitor items, and do your research.


Qualify your movers


Who you move with will either make your move to Nanaimo easy or a nightmare. You can either solicit free help from friends or opt for hired help. Asking friends to help you move may sound like a great way to save money, but there are downsides. Moving with friends may strain your relationship especially if things are going at a much slower pace. Remember, your friends are not professional movers, and may easily make mistakes like damaging your belongings. Excess damage during a move can be very costly especially if your moving deposit is used to repair damages. Instead, try salvaging your relationship and hire professional movers. This will make your day much easier, a lead to a higher quality move. Remember to always ask your movers what their rates are upfront. The first step in qualifying your movers is by getting a quote in writing. Lastly, ask if there are any guarantees or insurance in-case of damage. These two simple qualifiers will save you time and money moving forward!


We hope this guide shed some light on how to protect your belongings from theft during your next move to Nanaimo. Wishing you a safe and happy move!


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