Pros and Cons of Moving During the Holidays

Pros and Cons of Moving During the Holidays

Moving house can be a daunting task to take on, no matter when you choose to do it. For many of us during this time of year, the holidays are reserved for relaxing, spending time with family, and being grateful for all that we have. This particular year has made us have to reimagine how we are spending the holidays. Given the current circumstances with the pandemic, many people may be looking for other ways to make this time of year more memorable. For those of you who are considering making a big move right now, we’ve put together some pros and cons of moving during the holidays. 


Pros of Moving During the Holidays:


• If you are looking for help with packing and moving, friends and family will most likely be available to help this time of year. Many people are off work for the holidays or still off work due to the pandemic. This frees up lots of hands to help with the heavy lifting. We want to encourage everyone to stay safe this year. If you are planning on having individuals outside your immediate household help you move, make sure everyone will be wearing masks during the move. 


• Your kids are out of school and able to help with packing up their rooms. Involving your school-age children in your move can help the transition go more smoothly. If you have smaller children who are unable to help out with a move, friends and family will most likely be off work to help watch them while you do the packing. 


• When you move during the holidays, you will have less time to stress about gifts and decorations. You can turn the move into its own holiday celebration. 


• Moving before the new year allows you to have an entirely fresh start. New year, new home! 


Cons of Moving During the Holidays:


• You and your children may miss the traditional holiday celebrations that you’re used to. Moving can get hectic and, with small children during the holidays, tantrums may erupt.


• If you are planning on hiring movers, they may be hard to secure on the dates you need. Many companies are not open during the holidays so you will want to decide in advance if you need to reach out to movers. 


• Winter weather may interrupt the moving process. Maneuvering around snow, rain, and hail can really bring a damper on what ideally should be a seamless process. Consider what the weather will be like in your area before you plan your moving day. 


• The combination of moving plus holiday stress can become overwhelming. Juggling two important aspects of this time of year may become more trouble than it’s worth. If you are planning on moving during the holidays, consider having your moving plans well thought out in advance. 


There are many good and not-so-good things to think about when considering moving during the holidays. Generally, this can be a great time to pack things up and start fresh in a new location. If you are in need of movers, Real Pro Movers today for availability and a free quote.

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