Ready To Get Moving?

Real Pro Movers charge BY THE HOUR plus travel time and 5% GST. We bill in 15 minute increments until the job is complete.

We are also open to FLAT RATE all inclusive QUOTES.

All charges are subject to a MINIMUM of 1 HOUR TRAVEL TIME. Extended trips outside of Vancouver will have additional travel time costs.

Additional fuel costs, toll fees and ferry fees will be charged accordingly as agreed prior to move.

Free Furniture Protection

Free use of think padded moving blankets!

Tape rolls = $4 each

Mattress bags = $10 each

Shrink Wrap rolls = $25 each

Heavy Items

We charge a fee for extra heavy, large or hazardous cargo, such as a piano, pool table, a safe, a hot tub or large machines. Some examples of charges for heavy items include:

Piano – $250.00 flat fee on top of hourly billing
Safe – $150.00 for over 150 lbs.

Fees for heavy items will be included in your quote. For more detailed charges regarding our pricing, call our moving hotline at 604.600.8541 from 7 AM to 11 PM daily or send an email to

Our professional movers are compensated directly from this funding for their hard work and efforts (gratuities are always welcomed).

Real Pro Movers Quote

When we provide you an hourly rate, it is our estimate of the total cost of your relocation from start to finish with variance down to the 15 minute interval. Please keep in mind that flat rate quote will be honored after an on-site estimate has been done at both ends of the move.
Here are some factors that will impact the original cost quoted in your estimate:
  • Long hallways/underground parking lot entrance ways
  • Small elevators
  • Several flights of stairs
  • Small attic spaces
  • Tight corners
  • Other companies/tradesmen on site at the same time as us
  • Extreme attention and care for fragile and delicate items

Plan for enjoyable moving!