Planning a Pre-Move Garage Sale

When you’re preparing for a move, you can easily become overwhelmed by the idea of packing up all your belongings. This can be a great time to sort through and pair down your items, which can then be sold at a garage sale. Not only will you save on space, you’ll be able to earn some extra cash to cover any moving expenses you may have. Here are some tips on how to organize your first garage sale.

Preparing for the Sale

You will want to set a general timeframe for yourself to prepare your items for sale as well as think about which date you’d like to have it on. Generally, weekends have a better turn out rate compared to weekdays.

It’s also important to check if your city has any permit requirements for yard sales. Register for your permits once you have your sale date set.

Organizing Sale Items

Once you have gotten a good idea of what you’re going to be selling, gather all the items in one room or in your garage. Sort them into general categories to help keep yourself organized when it comes time to set up the sale.

Pricing Your Items

If you’re new to garage sales, it may be a good idea to visit some in your area to get an idea of how people are pricing their items and how they are arranged. You’ll then want to determine the price of your items. You will need labels or price stickers and a permanent marker. When deciding on prices, it may be a good idea to do an internet search for the item to get a better sense of it’s worth and retail price.

Promoting Your Sale

Promoting your yard sale is a very important step because relying on drive-by customers may not be ideal. You can put ads in your local newspaper or classifieds website a few days prior to the sale. Don’t forget to look into posting on community discussion boards as well, this is how a lot of people find out about events in their community.

Posting signage around your neighborhood is also an excellent way to produce local foot traffic. Be sure to use bright colors and neat lettering. You’ll want to ensure all details such as dates and addresses are correct on your signage.

Setting Up Your Sale

Give yourself ample time to set up your sale. Be sure you have folding tables and clothing racks to display any clothes or smaller items you may be selling. Depending on where you will be holding your sale, you will want to place NOT FOR SALE signs on items you don’t want sold. This ensures that you don’t unwittingly sell your great grandmothers antique dish set to a lucky neighbor. You will also want to place more expensive items in the area where you will be collecting cash or as close to the house as possible.

Sale Day

On the day of your garage sale, you will want to make sure you have plenty of petty cash with rolls of coin and small bills on hand. You can store your cash in either a fanny pack or a cash box, ensuring it is always being watched by either yourself or any family member who’s help you’ve enlisted.

Shoppers may need boxes or bags to carry their items, so it would be wise to have these available for them. A little customer service goes a long way. Greeting patrons and asking them if they have any questions can help immensely in making them feel comfortable and welcome.

Lastly, sell! Don’t be afraid to barter if offers seem unfair. Ultimately, it’s your stuff and you should be comfortable with how much you’re getting for it.

And there you have it—your first garage sale! Not only will you end the day with less clutter, but you’ll also start fresh in a new home with a little extra spending money.

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