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New Year’s Move Stress-free

It’s a new year and you’ve decided it’s time to pick up and move on from your current home. It has served you well, but it’s time for a change. So, now that the holiday’s have come and gone, now is the time everyone starts making their resolutions to better themselves during the coming year. We have put together some resolutions that will help make your new year’s move stress-free. 


Regularly declutter 


It may seem easier to pack up your home and get rid of unwanted items when you’re in your new home. However, it can cost more money to move these items when they could have been tossed or donated in advance. Decluttering before a move will help you bring only the necessities into your new home. It can also be a fun family activity! Getting everyone involved will not only make things go quicker, it will bring your family together. 

It can seem overwhelming to try to declutter an entire home. We recommend breaking things up by room. This way the task seems more manageable, especially if you are involving small children. Dividing things up by room will also help to keep you organized. 


Stay organized


Moves can be hectic, especially during the new year. Staying organized will help the moving process run more efficiently. When unpacking, we recommend that you don’t leave everything in boxes for weeks. Unpacking everything right away will make sure everything has its place, decreasing clutter and making you feel more at home. Labelling storage containers can also help everyone remember where everything is being kept. 


Give yourself plenty of time if you want to have a stress-free new year’s move


We’ve heard the story before–a friend of a friend waited until the day before move-out to pack up their home, leaving them frazzled and stressed out. We don’t want that to happen to you! It’s important to give yourself plenty of time to pack things up and declutter before moving day. This way you can have everything ready for the big day. 


Explore the neighborhood 


If you’re moving to an entirely new neighborhood, we recommend you take the time to check it out if you can. Getting to know your neighbors and local businesses will help you acclimate better to your new surroundings and give you a greater sense of community. There are so many fun ways to explore new places, you just have to get out there and check it out for yourself. 


Hire professional movers during your new year’s move


Having help on hand can be a lifesaver during a big move. Hiring professional and experienced movers can make a big difference. At Real Pro Movers, we are committed to delivering courteous and efficient moving services to the Greater Vancouver Area. Our goal is to take the stress out of any relocation by smoothly integrating careful planning, packing, loading, and transporting into one very successful moving day. If you need help with your new year’s move, contact us today for a free moving estimate


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