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New Home First Night Essentials: What to Bring?

The first night you spend in a new home can be exciting, if not a little scary. Having a box of essentials can help your first few nights in your new home run a little smoother. We’ve put together some tips on how to put together your essentials and help alleviate the stress of navigating new surroundings. 


Who is staying with you the first few nights?

Depending on who is in your household and who will be staying with you the first few nights, what you decide to bring with you will vary greatly. You will want to pack essentials for each person. Your spouse, children, or pets will have different needs–the items that are packed should reflect that. 

If you know your child can’t sleep without their special nightlight or your spouse can’t wake up without a hot cup of coffee, you’ll want to make note of this while you start packing your essentials kits. You will want to make a list for each person in your household, noting what you and your family will immediately need on hand your first few nights. 


What is a necessity?

Your essentials box (or suitcase, storage trunk, etc.) should include everything that is necessary to function during this transition. It can include electronics, furniture, food, or cleaning supplies. You will want to really consider what is essential and what isn’t. This can be particularly difficult if you are moving with a child who considers their entire stuffed animal collection essential. 

We deem essential items as something that would keep your household running smoothly if you were without them. Oftentimes this includes beds, changes of clothing, medications, toiletries, non-perishable snacks, and water. Your essentials kit will vary depending on your family’s needs. Take some time in advance to plan what will be needed your first few nights for your family and/or pets. 


New home frequently forgotten essentials:

Planning and executing a move takes a lot of brain power. This can lead to forgetting to include the most important items on your list. Some things that are frequently forgotten are: 

  • Electronic chargers; 
  • Medications;
  • Toilet paper; 
  • Bathroom and kitchen towels; 
  • Electronics; 
  • Diapers; 
  • Pet supplies (food, litter, poo bags); 
  • First aid kit. 

You may not need all of these items, but they are good to consider when doing your final packing. 


Keep your new home essentials with you 

You will want to make sure you can easily access all your essentials once you arrive in your new home. If you pack them away onto a moving truck with the rest of your stuff, having put together your necessities will have been useless if you can’t easily access them. Move your essentials yourself to make sure you have what you need and know exactly where to look for it. The last thing we want is your most important items getting lost in a sea of unmarked boxes.

We hope these tips will be helpful when you plan your next move. For professional moving services in the Vancouver area, contact RealPro Movers today! Connect with us for quotes and pricing details.

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