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Moving With Children: 4 Mistakes to Avoid

There are numerous mistakes and challenges that can make an upcoming move excessively difficult. Common challenges include: finding the right movers, renting a truck, packing, unpacking, weather and many more. However, the best moves are those that find a solution for every challenge in a timely and organized manner. Among those challenges are moving with children! Today we are going to delve into four of the most common mistakes made when moving with children.


Not hiring a moving company when moving with children

Packing and loading heavy boxes into a truck is already hard on its own. Imagine how much more complicated it will be if you add children into the mix. Give yourself peace of mind and research a reputable moving company to do all the heavy lifting. This will save you both time and most importantly your children’s safety come moving day.


Not explaining the circumstances to your children

Moving can be a very stressful and traumatic time for your child, especially when it happens abruptly. Although hiding your move from your children may save you excessive complaining in the short-term, they may act out once they realize the truth. It is important to realize that moving may mean that your children leave behind their school, friends, and fond memories. Life happens and that is okay, however, planning a family meeting to explain the circumstances may alleviate your child’s stress. A good strategy is to let your children know all the new benefits that await them in their new home. Some benefits may include: newer parks, bigger bedrooms, and more time with mom and dad.


Telling your children that they can help pack everything

Children will often have the best intentions, but moving requires experience and coordination to get it right. The initial charm of having your child ask to help pack will quickly fade away once you realize that you’ve spent an entire morning packing one box. When allowing your child to pack, time will be spent ensuring that they don’t hurt themselves with sharp objects. You may also have to repack a lot of their boxes, since children tend to shove items away without organizing the space.


Excluding your children from the move entirely

 Moving is a great opportunity to downsize, organize, and teach your children a new level of responsibility. Our last point warned against having your children pack everything, but this doesn’t mean they shouldn’t pack at all. In fact, teaching your child how to move will give them a heightened level of responsibility. They will learn about organizing objects into tight spaces, removing unnecessary items, and how to take direction. To get your child packing, start by assigning a small area that is overseen by you first. Common areas could include: toy room, tooth brushes, sock drawer and more. This strategy will occupy your children and leave more time for you to pack the rest of the house.

With the right strategies and considerations, a move can translate into a wonderful learning experience for your children. We wish you a safe an happy move!

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