Moving to the Island

Moving to the Island

If you thought moving across town was complicated and stressful, then you have never moved by ferry. As the Vancouver mainland becomes increasingly populated and expensive, cheaper surrounding areas like Victoria will seem more ideal. Many of this is due to shifting job conditions, and desire to start families in less dense areas. Today, we are going to delve into five reasons why families are moving to the Island, and how you can simplify your move!


Why People are Moving to the Island (Vancouver, BC)




The average home in Vancouver is over one million dollars. Keep in mind that that one million dollar price is just the minimum home in Vancouver, and doesn’t buy luxury. In contrast, luxury waterfront homes on Vancouver Island can be purchased for nearly half the price. It is this affordability that attracts so many new families to consider moving by ferry. Keep in mind that moving via ferry is a very costly experience, and can easily surpass 4-figures. Remember to always do your research and enquire about the costs associated with such a big move before giving your Landlord notice!




Lush forests, panoramic ocean views, and majestic rocky cliffs are all a stone’s throw away from the Island’s city life. Vancouver Island’s nature is often a big selling point for couples weighing the pros and cons of remaining in Vancouver. After all, nature walks help reduce cortisol by keeping you fit and destressed. So before planning your next move, take time to weigh in how important being immersed in nature is for you.


Things to consider prior to Moving by Ferry




As we briefly mentioned earlier, moving by ferry can be very costly. Moving a one-bedroom or studio worth of belongings should be doable. However, if you are moving more, you should find out what the weight limit is for travelling via ferry. This is important to research, as a flat rate would be much more favorable than paying by the kilogram!




You will also want to have the timing of your move scheduled perfectly. If by any chance you are paying movers by the hour, they will likely be accompanying you on the ferry. What you want is to avoid unnecessary delays while paying an hourly rate. This is why it is important to properly research and compare moving companies. Transparency should be a top priority as you don’t want any hidden fees or surprises.


Before Moving to the Island Research your new area well


Vancouver Island has some noticeable differences from Vancouver. You may find that homes are spaced slightly farther from shopping amenities. This just means that you may have to drive farther to find major supermarkets. Prior to moving, you should at least familiarize yourself with basic essentials such as grocery stores, gas stations, and pet stores (if you have a pet). This will help take some of the pressure off researching a place to shop after a long and exhausting move.


We hope that this article will assist you in making an informed decision when considering a big move by ferry. Wishing you a safe and happy move!


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