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Moving to Penticton is Easiest in the Summer

If you’re looking for summer fun, then here are four reasons why moving to Penticton is easiest in the summer. Located in the center of the sunny Okanagan, there are many reasons why families are moving to Penticton. Penticton boasts a modest population, large enough to feel included in community events, yet cozy enough to enjoy quiet time. Here are four reasons why moving to Penticton is easiest in the summer, as opposed to colder months.


Why moving to Penticton is easiest in the summer: Housing


Summer is a time for inspiration, adventure, and discovery. This means that many families decide to relocate to other areas of the country in-search of new experiences. This leads to amazing housing opportunities in both Penticton and other parts of the Okanagan. More people moving means a greater selection of homes. This translates into lower housing prices and positions you to have better negotiation room. Remember to always do your research when searching for a home in Penticton. Look into the surrounding city-life and find out if the area meets your amenity, job, and lifestyle expectations. The last thing you need is regretting your purchase after having already moved your family across the province or country.


You don’t need to worry about the rain


Moving to Penticton is easiest in the summer due to little to no moisture. Rain can negatively impact your move for many reasons. Firstly, there is the potential danger of moisture seeping into your boxes. Cardboard boxes lose there structural integrity when wet, and can be easily ripped. This can be especially problematic when moving long distances from Vancouver to Penticton. For example, let’s say your boxes are loaded wet into a truck in Vancouver. They would then sit there soaked, under the crushing weight of other boxes during their long journey to Penticton. When you arrive, you may be shocked to learn that your boxes cannot handle being unloaded.




Our last point discussed the dangers of getting your boxes wet. You may be thinking that dozens of people move in the rain and their move goes smoothly. However, many of those moves only entail local moves; not long distance moves from Vancouver to Penticton! Longer moves require more precise logistics. There is heavy emphasis on good timing, as there are many moving parts to long-distance moves. Moving in the summer makes logistics easier as it eliminates one of the biggest drawbacks of moving: the weather. Sunny summer weather means less road-related traffic and cancellations. Remember, delays during a long-distance move can amount to hours, and even delay your move another day. Just think about all those extra charges!


Work and school schedules are easier when moving to Penticton in the summer


Your children can also benefit from your choice to move to Penticton in the summer. Summer moving usually means your children are on a break from school. This will mean they won’t be forced to move schools in the middle of the school year, which may affect their grades. Lastly, it will translate into a more smooth transition when returning to school in the Fall. Starting school is much easier when attending the first day of classes, rather than being the new student midway!


We hope you enjoyed these four reasons why moving to Penticton in the summer is easiest. For more great moving tips, check out our past blogs. We wish you and your family a safe and happy move!


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