Moving to Pender Island

Moving to Pender Island

With most COVID-19 restrictions lifted, many people have come to appreciate taking the time to enjoy nature and good company. If you find yourself getting tired of the hustle and bustle of Vancouver’s city life, then moving to Pender Island is an option for you! Imagine beginning a new chapter of your life away from traffic, noise, and pollution. Imagine being surrounded by post card quality beauty from the comfort of your backyard. Now, imagine that you can own a home for only a fraction of the price of Vancouver. Intrigued yet? Here are 4 unexpected benefits when moving to Pender Island.


Peace and Quiet


With only 34 square kilometers of land, and roughly 2,200 permanent residents, you can enjoy a cozy retreat when moving to Pender Island. Pender Island is strategically situated in the path between Vancouver and Victoria, making visits to the city very convenient. Being closer to your previous city can make connecting with family and friends much easier. When moving to Pender Island, you can enjoy less traffic and exhaust, parties, and any other kind of noise pollution.




Immediately upon your arrival, you will be greeted by scenic water views and rich culture. You can enjoy a walk through the Pender Island Museum, which boasts photos and artifacts of the origin of Pender Island. If you are feeling artistic, then check out Pender Island’s local art gallery which displays several handcrafted art pieces and artifacts. As you settle in, come and experience the farmer’s market, and try the Island’s best baked bread. Feeling like a night out? Try mingling with the locals, and sample a variety of restaurants, cozy cafés, and other shopping amenities.


Moving to Pender Island will Offer Many Outdoor Activities


Pender Island is a wonderful place to live a more active lifestyle and reduce your stress! The days of watching the nature channel in your Vancouver condo are over, because now you can live it! Many residents enjoy a calm kayak adventure and often spot whales and seals. Enjoy scuba diving right from your back yard, as well as fishing and crabbing. Enjoy camping along Mt. Norman, and descend to experience one of the Island’s only freshwater lakes.


Cost Savings


With a median house and apartment price of $600,000 and $100,000 respectively, you can own a home for a fraction of Vancouver’s cost. Enjoy smaller mortgage payments, rent prices, and property tax. By owning more for less, you can focus on renovating projects that matter most to you. Grow a garden, landscape, fish, hike, camp, and do it all over again the next day. Pender Island’s cost savings will give you the freedom needed to save and plan for trips. You are a short ferry away from Victoria or Vancouver, making you close by to any family on the mainland.


In short, Pender Island is a great destination if you are looking for a pristine getaway or immersion in nature. Your ability to own property at a fraction of the housing cost in Vancouver, will give you more freedom to invest and plan fun activities. Real Pro Movers is here to make your moving journey easy and stress free! We wish you a safe and happy move!


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