Moving to Kelowna in the summer

Moving to Kelowna in the Summer

Moving to Kelowna in the summer from Vancouver has many benefits for newcomers in the area. Aside from the warm weather, moving in the summer offers numerous advantages regarding the safety of your belongings and overall experience. Today we are going to explore the five benefits of moving to Kelowna in the summer!


Moving to Kelowna in the summer offers an easy transition


With a population of over two hundred thousand, Kelowna is the third largest city after Vancouver and Victoria. The upside to moving to a city not much smaller than your current city lies in relocation-disorientation. For example, a family that moves from a heavily populated area into a small village may feel isolated and regretful. However, having a smaller city with enough of a population to feel entertained allows your family to adjust better.


Moving to Kelowna in the summer offers an amazing list of summer activities


With an annual average rainfall of 12 to 15 inches, you can enjoy a predominantly dry climate. Kelowna’s summer heat allows you and your family to take full advantage of summer activities. Forget store bought fruit, and opt for a U-pick experience, boasting a multitude of fresh fruits straight from the orchard. The fruits include: cherries, apricots, peaches, nectarines, and grapes. Water sports and activities are a staple when moving to Kelowna. Enjoy swimming in the famous Okanagan Lake, while being surrounded by provincial parks, forests, and orchards.


Moving in the summer makes your move easier


Moving in warmer weather protects your belongings from moisture related accidents that may occur during your move. Imagine seeing in-experienced movers drag mud in and out of the moving truck. Now imagine that your mattress and furniture became soaked, along with your boxes. This is an all too common reality amongst moving in the winter and isn’t without its challenges. All these downsides are easily avoided when moving in the summer. No more rain to soak your boxes, and no more mud to track into your house.


Moving in the summer means more daylight


This is an obvious point but a good one. A complete move can take 5-8 hours depending on the movers you hire and the quantity of furniture. In short, the more daylight the better. Those living in Vancouver know the difference that summer and winter makes on daylight; in which sunset occurs at 4:30pm!


More housing options


Summer is the best season to find new places to live. This can be for a variety of reasons like: schooling abroad, vacations, new job opportunities, and general relocation. Fortunately, more rentals and ownership opportunities means more choices and lower prices.


In summary, moving to Kelowna in the summer is a great opportunity to explore a blend of city-life and nature all-in-one. With a large population, Kelowna offers a large enough population to enjoy community activities, without feeling isolated. Additionally, you and your family can experience Kelowna’s summer heat, rich with produce and fruit, in a way Vancouver can’t!


We hope this article shed some light on the benefits of moving to Kelowna in the summer. We wish you and your family a safe and happy move!


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