Moving Tips for a Stress-Free Move in

Are you going to be moving during the fall season? This is an especially great time to pack up your home since the hyper and expensive summer season has come and gone and the temperature is a little easier to handle, especially if you have large items to move and don’t enjoy breaking a sweat. No matter what the season, you will want to spend some time planning the best way to execute your family’s move. These fall moving tips will help you brush up on the essentials of moving as well as provide some new and helpful suggestions for how to execute your fall move.

1. Declutter your summer items

You may have a large amount of summer fun stuff locked away in your garage or packed up in storage, items such as clothing, swimwear, toys, and seasonal items that will inevitably deteriorate and not make it to next summer. Take stock of your summer inventory and decide what you will actually need next year and what can easily be replaced. The same can go for decades-old sweaters and boots you or your family haven’t touched since moving into your current home. Be sure everything you’re taking with you has a place and a purpose.

2. Consider storage solutions

If you’re daughter simply can’t part with her favorite flamingo floaty or your husband can’t seem to downsize the amount of tools he’s accumulated, it may be a good idea to look into storage solutions during your move. If you find you have a lot of stuff that you need, but not right now, renting a storage container could be a good way to keep your family’s favorite items without all the clutter of bringing it into your new home.

3. Protect your floors

In both your new home and the home you are leaving, it is important to keep your floors tidy and in good shape while you are moving things in and out of your houses. Laying down plastic tarps can help ease any damage that can happen to floors while moving large furniture such as couches and appliances, as well as help minimize the amount of dirt and dust that is brought in by your family or movers.

4. Dress the part

If it the weather has been cooling down, it is important that you dress appropriately so you and your family can avoid the illnesses that come with colder weather. Even if you think you’ll be overheating while moving boxes and furniture, be sure to always have a sweater or jacket on hand for when the weather finally gets to you.

5. Hire professionals

Once you have the basics of moving down and all your items are boxed, bagged, and tagged, you may want to consider hiring professionals for those pesky, large items that are almost impossible to move. When you choose Real Pro Movers, we can guarantee flexible, seamless, and cost-effective moving services for all of your needs. We specialize in the packing and moving needs of any size household, so you can feel confident coming to us for all your moving needs. When you hire Real Pro Movers, you can relax—your move is in safe hands.

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