Moving: Packing Clothes with Ease

Moving can be daunting for anyone. Before jumping into it, it’s important to organize your items and hire a reliable moving company in your city. This can ensure the entire process is running smoothly and can help avoid any unnecessary chaos. If not packed efficiently, you may find yourself overwhelmed.

We’ve compiled some tips to help in your moving journey. Moving is a great excuse to declutter your space prior to leaving your current home. Take this time to sort through your closet and get rid of any items you don’t or won’t need in the future.

First Steps:

Organize – Sort your clothing into piles—For example, designate piles for donation, toss, or keep.

Declutter – Once you know what you have, throw out or donate anything you no longer need.

Wash – Starting off a new living situation with freshly laundered clothing can make things more convenient. Prior to packing, wash and dry your clothes for ease and convenience in your move.

Start by packing the least seasonably appropriate items. If you are moving in the Spring, you should be packing away your heavy winter clothes and vice versa. Label each box accordingly for ease of access.

Moving Day

A box should be set aside for each family member that contains items they will need within the first week of moving. This should include outfits and undergarments to be worn the next week. This can ease the need to rifle through tons of boxes on your first few days in a new home.


Moving can be tedious, so make things easier on yourself by using items like wardrobe boxes for packing your clothing. These should be secured well if you are using professional movers. Alternatively, garment racks can be used. If clothes are clean and neatly folded in your drawers, consider letting the movers transport the drawers as-is. If going this route, be sure to secure the drawers so they won’t slide open while the vehicle is in motion.

Garbage bags can also be used as a thrifty garment cover alternative. Up to 15 clothing items on hangers can fit in one bag, be folded away, and remain clean and contained during your move. Vacuum seal bags can also be a good option, especially if you are concerned about saving space.

Separating Items

Packing certain items separately such as shoes, intimate clothing, or clothing made of expensive fabrics can save you a lot of time and money down the line. This can avoid unwanted stains or damage to these items. Delicate clothing can be wrapped in tissue paper and packed away gently in a box.


Bundling clothing can help you save space when moving. This can be done by placing your largest items on a flat surface then placing smaller and smaller items onto the pile. Once everything is laid out, they can then be wrapped burrito-style with the first and largest layer.

Choosing the Right Boxes

Since clothing such as thick denims and winter coats can get quite heavy, small boxes should be used for easier transportation. The bigger the box the more you want to pack inside, and trying to carry too many heavy items can result in injury. Err on the side of caution and pack compactly.

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