Moving Houseplants

Moving in itself can be an overwhelming task, but it can be especially taxing if you need to take into consideration how to move your beloved and well taken care of house plants. Here are some tips to aid in the safe and happy transport of your botanical pals.

  1. In the weeks before your move, you will want to start pruning and maintaining the health of your plant particularly carefully. Ensure all dead leaves, pests, and potentially moldy dirt is removed.
  2. If your plants are living in glass or porcelain pots, you will want to move them to plastic for the duration of your move. This ensures no glass-shattering accidents happen that can irrevocably damage your plants. This also lessens the weight while moving.
  3. Your plants may be sensitive to changes in temperature, so you may want to transport them in a temperature-controlled vehicle and take them inside with you if you stay anywhere overnight.
  4. If you’re moving during the colder months, it may be a good idea to wrap your plants with newspaper. This ensures they are not exposed to the potentially damaging elements.
  5. Consistent watering is important for your plants. Keep a keen eye on them while you are transporting them and be sure not to under or over water them. Over watering can seem tempting, but it can cause severe damage like root rot and mold. Plants like succulents can be left unwatered for many days at a time. Be sure you understand your plants watering needs.
  6. If you are utilizing a moving company, make sure they are aware that they are moving plants and that they should be taken care of as fragile items.
  7. When you have reached your new home with plants in tow, be sure to tend to them as soon as possible. Move them to their permanent pots and trim any dead leaves. Don’t be alarmed if they are slightly wilted—give them a few days to adjust to their new home and get back to their peak strength.

Sometimes taking your plants with you is not an option. In cases such as these, be sure to regift them to a friend or neighbor or sell them on a community board.

We hope these tips help you and your plants arrive at your new home safely and happily!

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