Moving Costs that can Take You by Surprise

You’ve done your homework and have carefully calculated and anticipated every moving expense.  You’re pretty sure you know what your relocation will cost. The reality is you can never foresee every emergency or extra cost that might pop up. Here are some moving costs that can take you by surprise.

Moving and Packing Supplies

Whether you’re doing a DIY move, getting the moving company to pack just the kitchen and living room, or using the mover’s full packing service, you will need some supplies. Of course, when packing for yourself you’ll need more packing supplies than you’ll require if the movers will be doing the packing for you. But you’ll still need a handful of moving boxes and supplies for last minute items.

If you’re self-moving, you will also need moving supplies such as blankets, other kinds of protective covers, dollies, and a hand truck. These items will either need to be rented or purchased (if they can’t be borrowed). While it is better to have more moving and packing supplies than you need so you don’t run out before all the packing’s done, the cost for these items can quickly add up.

Moving Company Packing Services

Most Vancouver moving companies offer different types of packing services, anything from packing all the televisions in the house to one or two rooms to full-service packing. People who have moved at least once claim that packing is the most stressful part of moving. You’re not just packing stuff – dealing with a lifetime of memories can be emotional, even overwhelming. If you imagine that packing up your belongings is going to slow you down, a moving company’s packing services could be the right solution for you. Know what each packing service will cost and what is included – a reputable moving company will be happy to address any concerns you might have.

New Furniture and Appliances

Part of the packing process typically involves decluttering. Moving often gets people into a “start fresh” mindset. It inspires them to leave behind the old toaster, tired cutlery, or chipped dishes. Perhaps you’ve wanted to replace the washer and dryer or the refrigerator with something more energy efficient for a while now and moving is the perfect excuse.

If you’re downsizing, moving into a bigger house, or some items such as area rugs and curtains won’t work in the new space, you might have to buy new furniture and accessories – expenses you didn’t expect.

Missed Inventory Items

Items that are stored in a shed, the attic, the basement, or the garage often can be overlooked when an inventory of all of your household belongings that are to be transported to your new location is taken. If you want to include missed inventory items such as a favourite recliner or foosball table, prepare to pay some additional fees.

Storage and Lodging Costs

Much of the time a relocation goes smoothly with just a bump or two along the way. On the other hand, sometimes things don’t go as planned. You might need to pay for storage if:

  • you can’t move into your new place right away
  • you know there are large items you don’t want to keep but haven’t had time to dispose of them yet
  • there are household belongings from the old house that don’t fit into the new one

A long-distance move might require an overnight stay. Or in the case of not being able to move into your new home immediately, you’ll need temporary lodgings.

Unexpected Fees

Yes, you have a contract with your moving company. While reputable Vancouver moving companies will be up front with all the charges, the total cost included in the contract is typically an estimate only. It is generally based on the volume of household belongings (inventory list), building accessibility, and the total distance traveled. However, the original cost quoted in your estimate can change due to a number of conditions including, several flights of stairs, parking restrictions, long hallways, limited access to elevators, small elevators, and tight corners.


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