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Make Your Rooms Feel Spacious After Moving

Whether it’s to be closer to work, school, or find a larger home, moving can be both exciting and stressful. The average new home has increased in size by nearly 1000 square feet between 1973 and 2015. Although many new single-family dwellings are seeing a rise in square footage, the remaining homes like apartments and townhomes are shrinking. Since knocking down apartment-walls are nearly impossible, adding space for apartments and townhomes can be a challenge. Here are five tips to make your home feel more spacious after your next move.


Tip #1: Strategically organize large pieces of furniture first

A good rule of thumb is to place larger pieces of furniture along the edges of a room. Placing furniture along the peripherals, results in an open layout, as opposed to cluttering the center of a room. Additionally, it is a good idea when organizing a bedroom to leave roughly 24-inches between the wall and the bed. Lastly, ensure walkways and doors are left unobstructed by large furniture, and leave a minimum space of 24-inches.

Tip #2: Let there be light

It’s no wonder that realtors turn on all the lights and open the blinds before showing a home. Adding more light makes a home feel more spacious, whereas less light makes a room feel smaller and uninviting. A simple way to add more light to your new home is to add higher wattage warm LED bulbs. These warm colors are better for your eyes, and will brighten up a space; making it cozy for evenings.

Tip #3: Hang your curtains higher

Raising the curtain rods three to five inches higher than the window-frame, will make your home appear larger.

Tip #4: Design or buy furniture with built-in storage in mind

The simplest way to make your new home feel more spacious is to have less clutter. Prior to moving, it is a good idea to set aside donation boxes or try to sell unwanted belongings. If you have already downsized as much as possible, you can buy furniture with built-In storage. For example, cabinets, bookcases, bed-frames, and coffee tables can all be purchased with hidden storage spaces. In fact, some families are even opting to build their own stackable storage, and turning it into a fun family project!

Tip #5: Rejuvenate your walls with a new coat of paint

Colors play an important role on how we psychologically perceive living spaces. So if you are looking for ways to maximize your living space, try adding a new splash of color to a room. Making rooms feel bigger in your new home has a lot to do with having a good balance of light and dark tones. Dark walls makes a room appear to be closing in on you. While having multiple tones of both vibrant and neutral colors, will lead to the appearance of a larger living space. For a gallery of additional painting ideas, click here!

Moving into a new home can be an exciting way to experience something new. All you need is a little planning, creativity, and you will be livening up your new home in no time! In short, remember to tell your movers to laydown large furniture away from entrances and walkways. Ensure large furniture is placed along the peripherals of your rooms, and choose warm LED bulbs to brighten up dark corners. Lastly, raise your curtains a few inches higher for a more larger and brighter looking room. Our team at Real Pro Movers are here to make your next move as comfortable and organized as possible. We wish you a safe and happy move!

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