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Luxury Moving Services 

When it comes to your most precious and costly items, we understand that you are looking for the very best in moving services. Using a luxury moving service is a great way to ensure your antiques, fragile housewares, and large pieces of furniture arrive safely at your new home. When former Canucks player Daniel Sedin recently sold his Vancouver property for $9.7M, he called in Real Pro Movers to help with the job. But don’t worry! These services aren’t just for the rich and famous. If you want the best possible service at a responsible pricepoint, Real Pro Movers has the tools and equipment needed to execute your move. 


We’ve put together some tips and pointers to help you decide if using luxury moving services is right for you: 


High-Rise Living


Using a luxury moving service is a great idea if you are moving out of a high-rise building. Maneuvering heavy objects through tight apartment hallways takes a great deal of skill. Luxury movers have the skills and equipment needed to handle your move. The last thing you need is a team of inexperienced movers scratching up your walls and furniture because they don’t have the right tools for the job. 


Luxury Moving Items, Antiques and Delicate Housewares


Choosing the right team to help move your antiques and delicate housewares is an important step. You should be able to trust your movers with your precious items and not have to worry about any incurred damage. Luxury movers understand how to treat your antiques and costly decor with great care. 


Large Furniture and Instruments


Large pieces of furniture can be very difficult to maneuver through a move. Choosing luxury movers means that your team will have the skills necessary to carefully transport your oversized furniture. If you have a heavy wooden armoire or grand piano, luxury movers are able to handle the task of moving those items effectively. 


Full Service Moving


Luxury movers usually offer full service moving in addition to their regular services. This involves a thorough walkthrough of your home with one of our team members. They will go through your items with you to determine what sort of tools and packing equipment they’ll need. From there, the team will start packing up your home. This leaves you free to cross off any last minute moving tasks off your list and take a breather. From there, our team will load your items carefully onto our moving trucks and take care of all the unloading and unpacking for you. 

If you’re moving your household, your business, or your office, we can help. Real Pro Movers is a residential moving company located in Vancouver and Burnaby. Our service area includes Greater Vancouver, the Okanagan, Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands. Anywhere you need to be in British Columbia, we’re your Vancouver movers and packers. Contact us today for a free quote! 

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