Just How Much Bubble Wrap Will I Need?

If you’re planning a relocation, everything you own must be packed into boxes, loaded into a moving van, and unloaded upon arrival at your new home. Your salt-and-pepper shaker collection, kitchenware, books, electronics, and all those household items that need to be dissembled first before they can be moved, require proper packing and storing. You might even wonder, “Just how much bubble wrap will I need?” But don’t overlook the fact you will have to purchase moving boxes and other moving and packing supplies as well.

Boxes – Cardboard or Plastic?

Boxes protect your belongings from potential breakage and limit the damage that can occur when being transported during a move. Moving boxes should be strong enough to handle the weight when stacked and withstand handling as they are loaded and unloaded.

Cardboard boxes that have double or triple walls, should be able to stand up to both short distance moves and long distance moves. For added protection, consider renting reusable plastic boxes; plastic is more durable than cardboard.

Boxes – How Many and What Size?

During the consultation, the Vancouver moving company doing the free estimate should be able to give you some idea of how many boxes you will need.

You will need a combination of small boxes for weightier items such as dishware, glassware and books; medium size moving boxes for lamp shades, electronics, and small appliances; and large cardboard boxes for lighter weight items such as cushions, bedding, and clothes. Typically, packing up a kitchen, for example, will require more small boxes than a bedroom.

Many Vancouver moving companies’ websites include a moving box calculator to help you determine how many boxes you’ll need. Just to give you a rough idea, a family of four living in a 3-bedroom house will need approximately 70 small boxes, 55 medium boxes, and 30 large boxes.

Boxes – What Kind?

In addition to standard size small, medium, and large cardboard boxes, you might need boxes intended for a specific purpose in order to keep those types of household goods optimally protected.

Mirror boxes are designed to telescope in order to accommodate a mirror, a set of pictures, paintings in glass front frames, and even glass tabletops. Vancouver moving companies recommend two wardrobe boxes for each clothes closet. For packing dishes, glassware, and other fragile kitchen and dining room items, invest in several dish boxes. Ask Real Pro Movers about other kinds of customized moving boxes available for electronics, lamps, and collectibles.

Bubble Wrap – How Much?

Bubble wrap is one of the most versatile packing supplies you need for successfully moving and packing all of your household items safely. It’s almost a miracle padding material, it’s that multipurpose. It doesn’t scratch; conforms snugly to the shape of the item, no matter how awkward or uniform, being wrapped; and is easy and convenient to use. While pretty much any household item can be protected with bubble wrap, a general rule of thumb is not to use it on items that are so large or heavy that they pop the bubbles.

Since bubble wrap is available in a variety of sizes such as small bubbles and large bubbles and forms like sheets, envelopes, and bags, ensure that the type you purchase will suit all of your requirements.

A move from a small to medium size residence such a one to two bedroom apartment or a two to three bedroom house, might need one 100-foot roll of bubble wrap. If you or a family member is a collector of china figurines, crystal glassware, fine chine, or other types of fragile items, you may require more than one roll.

Other Moving and Packing Supplies You Need

Besides cardboard boxes, other moving and packing supplies you need are: packing paper, stretch wrap, packing tape, colored markers, and tape dispensers. To help you pack more efficiently, use designated packing tape – other types of tape aren’t specifically designed to adhere to cardboard and could come unstuck during transit. Invest in two tapes dispensers – it will cut down on having to search and share.


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