How to Prepare Your Fridge for a Move

There are some important steps that need to be done to prepare your fridge before you plan on moving. You’ll need to prepare your fridge for transport, move it, and finally place it in your new home. Here are some steps to ensure your fridge is moved properly and safely.

  1. Prepare your fridge:

You can do this by emptying the contents of your fridge and cleaning the interior so it’s fresh and ready for your new home. You will then want to disconnect your fridge from power, carefully following manual directions, for at least 24 hours to allow the freezer time to defrost. You may want to leave some dry towels under your fridge while it is defrosting to avoid a large spill.

You will then want to remove any drawers or racks that may move during transport to avoid damage to the interior of the fridge. Finally, ensure that the doors of your fridge are secured shut with moving straps or bungee cords, then wrapping the outside of the fridge with moving blankets to prevent scratches and other damage. You may want to avoid using disposable material like tape for this to lessen the likelihood of the adhesives damaging the outside of your fridge.

  1. Moving your fridge:

Safety first: Don’t try to lift more than you’re able and make sure you stretch before trying to move large items. You’ll want to have assistance while moving your fridge as well as being sure to use the right tools such as dollies. A professional moving company will be a great help with this step as they will most likely have all the necessary tools on hand. Make sure moveable components like racks and doors are secured.

Move your fridge to the moving vehicle with either a dolly or by lifting with the help of movers or friends. Once in the vehicle, you will want to ensure it is placed securely so it won’t move during the trip.

  1. Reinstalling your fridge in your new home:

When placing your fridge in its new location, be sure to leave a few extra inches of space between the back of the fridge and the wall. This ensures there is enough air circulation for the fridge’s vents and motors.

Depending on if your fridge was transported on its side, you may want to leave it upright to settle for at least 24 hours to make sure it works properly when plugged in again.

We hope these helpful tips aid in the safe arrival of your fridge to your new home. Depending on how large of a move or how far you’ll be transporting it, it may be wiser to leave this type of job to professional movers.

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