How to Move in with Someone

It’s the first time you’re moving in with someone—whether that be a romantic partner or a roommate. There are many discussions that should be had prior to moving in with someone, especially if they are a stranger to you. Here are some tips on how you can best execute moving in with someone.

Decide Where to Move

When making any big life change such as moving in with someone, you will want to have open communication about where you want to be living. Ultimately, both of you will need to make small sacrifices for the greater good of your new home but be sure that no one feels unheard in the process of choosing your new home. Try to accommodate commutes, lifestyles, and neighborhood preferences where possible.

Communicate Your Needs

Before moving day, there are some big discussions that need to be had with your partner or roommate. You will want to discuss your day-to-day routines, how you like to normally go about household tasks such as cleaning and laundry, as well as creating a system to keep the household organized. If you are normally a night owl and do all your daily activities in the evening, you will want to communicate that to whoever you are planning to move in with so you can discuss how to collaborate and come to agreements about noise issues and other disturbances that may occur when blending households.

Decide What Stays

You will need to create lists of what each person is planning on bringing to the new home. If both of you have large televisions or stereos, you may want to have a conversation about who brings what to avoid cluttering your new place with duplicate items with no use. You can come to an agreement about who brings what (e.g., you bring kitchenware, they bring towels) if that is easier for you. Either way, before moving in decide what is really needed and what can be left behind.

Moving Help

When planning a move on your own or with a partner, there are many moving parts to consider. For example, renting a moving vehicle and buying boxes and moving supplies. If it is within yours and your partner/roommates means, you may want to consider hiring professionals to help execute your move more seamlessly and with a lot less stress.

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