How to Move in the Rain

You’re packed and ready for a big move, either to a different city or somewhere local. If you’re a local Vancouverite, the rainy weather is nothing new. If you’re planning on moving and there’s a possibility of rainfall, there are some tips and tricks that can help you execute your move promptly and keep you dry.

Have Help

Whether you’re planning on hiring professionals or enlisting the help of some trusty pals, it’s important to have help and the right kind of help on moving day. This is especially necessary when there’s inclement weather approaching. The benefits of hiring professional movers are that they are more likely to have the appropriate tools like tarps and furniture coverings to help keep your items dry, especially while moving items out of your home and into a moving vehicle.

Dress Properly

If you anticipate overheating while moving your items, it may be tempting to wear light clothing. However, it’s important that you dress appropriately for the weather. This includes rain jackets, hats, scarves, and umbrellas. You can always dress down but it’s hard to get warm when you didn’t bring the appropriate attire. No one wants to start off in a new home with a cold or flu!

Prepare for Moving Day

You will want to wrap your furniture up with waterproof tarps to keep them dry. You will also want to make sure that your moving vehicle is leak free to avoid anything getting wet and damaged during transport. If you have moving boxes, be sure that their bottoms are dry so you don’t risk everything in them falling out. Lifting boxes from the bottom will aid in keeping them intact and secure.

Unpacking Procedure

You may want to consider tarping the floors of your new home to avoid any rain, mud, or leaves being tracked into your home by yourself or your movers. It’s possible that, though you took all the possible precautions, your items may have gotten a little wet. In this case, you will want to unpack any sopping boxes first and then move onto the dry items after.

If Need Be — Cancel Movers ASAP

Sometimes weather can be so detrimental, it is not safe for either you or your movers to be on the road. In cases such as these, you will want to let your movers know as soon as possible if you are planning on cancelling. Some may be quite lenient with cancellation fees, especially if it is due to inclement weather.

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