How to downsize before a move

Getting ready for a move can be the perfect opportunity to declutter and downsize your home’s inventory of items. A new home should be a fresh and clean slate for yourself and your family, so taking the time to decide which items you may or may not need before actually moving can save you a lot of space and clutter in your new home.

The ‘One-Year’ rule

Before diving in and sorting through your items, you will want to consider taking into account the one-year rule. As you’re going through your wardrobes or furniture, you will want to ask yourself if you’ve used or worn the item in the past year. If not, it’s safe to say that you won’t be using it in the near future. This probably means it’s time to move on from your favorite sweater from 8th grade and your steamer truck that has been falling apart for the last few years. It may be uncomfortable to throw away items that have been with you for a long time, but it will feel better in the long run to have a use for everything you own.


The first step you want to take when deciding which clothing items to get rid of is to go through your wardrobe, pick up each item, and decide whether it’s something you’ll wear again or not. Once you’ve paired down your clothes, it’s time to bag or box them up. If your clothing is still in decent shape, you may want to consider donating them to a shelter or thrift store. This not only can help others make use of your used clothes, but also aid in keeping clothing waste down.


Similar to how you sorted through your clothing, you will want to take inventory of all the furniture in your home and decide what can stay or what can go. This is especially important if you happen to be moving to a smaller sized space. This will allow you to take only what you need and not clutter up your new space with bulky furniture.

Furniture that is in good shape can also be donated. If the items are too large and bulky to move yourself, there are charities that offer donation pick up for free or for a small fee.

Small items and accessories

Whether you’re sorting through kitchen utensils or shoes and accessories, take the time to consider if you really need all ten of your spatulas. It’s easy to start accumulating items, especially over many years, but eventually it can lead to clutter and become more hazardous than it is worth.

Final thoughts

As long as everything (or most) of what you own has a place or purpose, you can guarantee to start on fresh footing in a new home. If you need help with your move, contact us at Real Pro Movers.

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