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How to Choose a New Home During the COVID-19

Even though the number of COVID-19 cases steadily decrease, people are still taking added precautions in all aspects of their lives. This puts renters and homeowners in a difficult situation, especially since home-viewings often entail entering a stranger’s home. However difficult our lives may be, moving homes is still a necessary step for many families. Let’s delve into the various ways in which we can safely view a home for purchase or rent.

Virtual showings

More and more realtors are introducing virtual showing options to potential renters. A virtual showing works by displaying a picture-slideshow of your potential home. Some advanced showings can even include a virtual tour feature where you can scroll through a 3D-rendition of your home. If you are busy and on the go, you can always opt-in for a FaceTime showing. These features are beneficial given the current COVID-19 crisis, as they emphasize social distancing. By using virtual showings, you and your family can safely view a potential home from the comfort of your computer screen. However, if physically seeing your new home is a must for you, then we have a couple more suggestions below!

Protective procedures again Covid-19

If you are not comfortable renting a home solely from pictures, then there may be another option for you. Having a strong protective procedure may allow you to safely view a potential home. An example of a good protective procedure would be for you and your realtor to meet at the home with masks and gloves. To ensure social distancing is maintained, you could ask your realtor to enter the home separately. Entering separately will avoid the close proximity of standing together in tight doorway spaces. Additionally, you could request that your realtor wipe down the unit prior to any showings. Another protective measure would be to change your clothes immediately after entering a unit. Clothing is porous and can host a variety of viruses. Maintaining these safety measures can give you peace of mind when entering an unknown unit!

Research your government’s guidelines around homes

Another way to find a suitable home is by researching your city’s guidelines around renting or buying a home. Some areas may have additional restrictions that if not followed, will result in substantial fines. Your realtor or landlord-contact will likely know about any restrictions pertaining to housing, but it’s always good to check yourself. A good place to start is government housing websites. Remember that in times of uncertainty rules and restrictions change frequently. What was allowed a month ago may carry a fine today, and vice versa.

Although we are living in unprecedented times, choosing a home can still be a rewarding and exciting process if done safely. Remember to always check your government’s guidelines around physical distancing and renting procedures. Take protective measures seriously, and come to a viewing prepared with gloves and masks. Lastly, try utilizing virtual showings and tours via FaceTime or other websites. This can be a quick and hygienic way to view a home without having unnecessary exposure. We hope you found these tips helpful, and wish you a safe and healthy move! If you have any questions or need help with moving contact your local Real Pro Moving team!

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