efficient moving to Salt Spring Island

Efficient Moving to Salt Spring Island

Moving is often a very stressful time, so here are 3 moving tips towards efficient moving! Moving locally is one thing, but moving by ferry from Vancouver to the Salt Spring Island is completely different. A general rule of thumb is the longer and farther the move, the more chances for things to go wrong. That’s not to say that moves can’t be easy (as a lot are), but only under the right guidance. Here are 3 helpful tips to follow to make an efficient moving from Vancouver to the Salt Spring Island.


Efficient moving tip: move in the summer


Although the Salt Spring Island’s lush greenery loves the rain, your boxes, mattresses, and furniture don’t! Since the lower mainland receives a lot of rain, it becomes more crucial to protect your belongings from moisture. One solution is to reorganize your move to revolve around the drier summer months. Although moving in the summer won’t completely eliminate the chance of rain, the odds are more in your favor.

Lastly, moving in the summer will help make your move much easier by making road conditions safer. Less rain means less traffic, and translates into a smoother commute once your truck departs the ferry terminal.


Take possession early


Many new homeowners and renters are able to take possession of their new home up to a week in advance. This is advantageous for many reasons. Firstly, you are able to clean your new home yourself. Although your new home may have been advertised as ‘clean’, it can often be shockingly dirty. Hiring or cleaning your home yourself (prior to moving in) allows you to freely clean your home unobstructed by furniture. Taking possession early also allows you to begin your move in gradually. You can even spend the week making short trips, and bringing some boxes and belongings along with you. Depending on how often you frequent your new home, you can move a significant amount of smaller belongings relatively easy.


Finding a reputable moving company early is the most important step towards efficient moving


There are regular moving companies, and then there are reputable moving companies; which have testimonials and know the area well. Reputable moving companies know the area well, and understand how to mitigate common problems. They may know specific routes to avoid, or times where traffic is at its minimum. Whatever it is, know that reputable moving companies will give you an edge, which is why booking early is important. Moving companies are often bombarded with appointments especially near the beginning and end of the month. That is why scheduling an appointment early on will give you peace of mind moving forward.

In conclusion, moving to the Salt Spring Island can be made much easier by following these 3 easy tips. Remember to keep your belongings dry by moving in the summer. Secondly, try to take possession of your new home early on. You can utilize this extra time to move your belongings in short car trips; thereby lessening your load come moving-day. Lastly, ensure you hire a reputable moving company with local experience. We wish you a safe and efficient moving from Vancouver to the Salt Spring Island!


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