Do Have a Move-In-Kit for Your Moving Day?

Take a deep breath, moving day is only one week away. You are overwhelmed with schedules, boxes, and still have to continue attending work. Chances are, if you are like the average renter who moves every 7-8 years, then you may have only moved a couple of times on your own. Also, you may have even forgotten the few essential details that would make your move significantly easier such as labelling boxes, ordering a moving-trolley to speed the move, among many others. However, many people are so focused on moving into their new home that they forget to organize a first-week move-in-kit to get them through those first few days. If you are wondering what a first-week move-in-kit is then you came to the right blog! 

In short, when you first move into a new home you are exhausted from hours of labour, coordination, and organizing. After all, you still need time to sleep to go to work the next day. For example, imagine John and Sally finally relax on their couch exhausted from the long move-in day. John too hungry to sleep rushes to pour some cereal only to realize that he has no idea where the kitchen spoons and bowls are placed. On the other hand, John’s wife Sally decides she would much rather skip dinner and just sleep instead. So she makes her way to brush her teeth only to discover her toothbrush and floss are nowhere to be found. To make matters worse she decides to skip brushing and jump onto her un-assembled mattress. Soon she realized that her sheets, blankets, and pillows have vanished somewhere within the sea of boxes.

This is where a move-in-kit comes in handy. It is an amazingly useful tool, that only experienced movers know about. The solution for Sally and John would be to pack a single box or two, that contained all their essentials. After all, depending on the size of your moving truck, unpacking can take well over a week.

What do you include in your move-in-kit?

Essentials to include in your move-in-kit depend largely on what you deem as important. A good rule of thumb is to include basic bathroom hygiene products like soap, toothpaste, and a toothbrush. Another essential to include is a pot or pan, knives, forks, cups, and spoons. Additionally, you can opt to include a small box for linens and towels, which are often overlooked! Lastly, but certainly not least is to include your Wi-Fi router and modem in your move-in-kit. This will come in handy especially when trying to unwind from a long day with an episode or two of your favourite Netflix series. 

In short, packing a move-in-kit is one of the most overlooked tools in getting you through your first week at your new home. Unpacking takes time. Knowing the location of necessities like toothpaste, cups, Wi-Fi, and linens go a long way to help you settle in! Wishing you and your family a safe and happy move.

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