Moving-out Checklist

Complete Moving-out Checklist

With years of moving experience across the lower mainland, we have learned first-hand what a complete moving-out checklist looks like! Our goal is to provide a breakdown of the best moving-out tips, to help you avoid some common mistakes. This list is going to include big topics, but also smaller details that you might have never considered. Let’s get started!


Start researching moving companies

As suggested in our previous articles, it is crucial to find a moving company that is reputable, knowledgeable, and transparent. This can be easily done by looking up google reviews on a specific company, or phoning a representative. Transparency and local area knowledge are essential as well. You will want a moving company that is familiar with your area, and has safeguards in-place in the event of extreme weather or traffic.


Start de-cluttering prior to packing

This is an important point as clutter means more boxes to pack and more boxes to unpack. At the end of the day clutter ends up taking away from your new home’s valuable square footage. Unwanted belongings also end up costing you more, as many movers charge by the hour and the size of the truck. In short, only move what you truly need.


Inform your family and work

Be straightforward about your move with your children and managers. Transparency when moving will make the days leading up to the big day much easier. This is because it provides you with one less thing to worry about. Lastly, it may be a good idea to find a pet-sitter; as moving can be very on your furry friend.


Cancel or transfer your old service providers

Plan ahead by calling your phone, internet, and utility providers to inform them of your move. Setting this up early will help eliminate any hassles or surprise charges.


Moving-out checklist tip: find a backup plan

Life happens to everyone, and it is always a good idea to set up some safeguards in the event of sickness or weather.


Only source new boxes or rent plastic boxes

Used boxes may be cheap or free, but are often much weaker than new boxes. This is because cardboard loses its integrity when carrying a heavy load or when placed in moist conditions. You can also rent plastic boxes from Real Pro Movers.


Label all your boxes

This is a cheap and relatively quick way to keep track of any missing or stolen boxes. Try labelling boxes from the same area like a kitchen or bedroom a different color. For example, all bathroom related boxes will have a blue sticker and all bedroom items will be marked in red. This will make unpacking and finding certain essentials a breeze!


Pack a box containing all your immediate essentials

You will thank yourself greatly once the day is over and exhaustion has set in. This box can contain things like bathroom essentials, soaps, pots, and cups. These will come in especially handy when you are too tired to search through a mountain of boxes for a pot, cup or toothbrush!


Most importantly from your moving-out checklist: begin your move early

That old saying “the early bird gets the worm” carries a lot of truth when moving. Moving early gives you extra time to react if delays or cancellations arise.


We hope this Moving-out checklist helps simplify your next move. For more great tips and suggestions, check out our past articles in our blog section. Wishing you a safe and happy move!


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