Commonly Forgotten Aspects of Moving

Commonly Forgotten Aspects of Moving

There are numerous commonly forgotten aspects to moving that families often overlook. When families forget enough of these aspects, they can encounter a very difficult move. Families looking to move from Vancouver to Salmon Arm are in for a complicated move if they don’t plan correctly. This is because Salmon Arm is located in British Columbia’s interior near Kamloops, and spans a large distance. Usually, the farther your move, the more complicated your move! That is why we are going to offer you our best tips to help make your move as easy possible.




Timing and scheduling a succinct move is hard on its own when moving locally. Now imaging moving across the province to Salmon arm. That is why you should plan your move well in advance of moving day. A huge tip when moving long distances is to have a backup plan. Having a backup will ensure that if a mover or driver cancels, you will be able to quickly recover. This brings us to our next point!


Commonly Forgotten Aspects of Moving: Start Early


Having a backup plan only works if you start your move early enough to utilize them. After all, most backups in Salmon Arm will only help during work hours. Try starting your move as early as your building or neighborhood allows. Many apartments have noise restrictions that don’t permit moving until a certain time. It is wise to begin your move as soon as the restricted time has passed; so that your day can begin. The last thing you need is for your move to become delayed with all your belongings loaded into the truck. This will mean paying for an additional rental day.


Commonly Forgotten Aspects of Moving: Theft


Although we’ve touched on theft in previous articles, it is still a very relevant topic to discuss. As much as we would like to think it doesn’t happen, theft occurs all the time. In fact, there are thieves that specifically target movers daily. They may pose as a friendly mover online, or offer to help over social media. Ultimately, you should do your part to minimize theft as much as possible. This can include labelling boxes and ensuring that your truck is not left unattended.


Another option is to choose a professional moving company. Reputable moving companies have high ratings for a reason. Their job is to make you happy so that they can earn your referral and stay in business. The last thing reputable moving companies want is to steal from you. However, there are a lot of overnight fraudulent moving companies that pop up all over the internet. They promise cheap rates, movers, and trucks. However, they make this all contingent on a deposit that you pay for prior to finalizing your order. Like you can probably guess, families who pay this deposit never end up receiving any truck or movers. They are left feeling helpless even after booking the elevator and taking time off work.

In short, don’t fall prey to the commonly forgotten aspects of moving which include: timing, starting early, and theft. Use these tips to help simplify your move to Salmon arm. We wish you and your family a safe and happy move!


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