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Time is our most precious asset. When it comes to Moving-in and out cleanup, spending precious hours on cleaning can be very exhausting. Why not let someone give you a hand and take care of you? We would love to introduce you to our friends – professional cleaners at Adelco Home Services.


Adelco Home Services

Adelco Home Services is dedicated to delivering the finest cleaning service in Vancouver. As a business our primary goal is your satisfaction as well as your comfort. Hence, all our offerings are tailored to bring you the best! In every sense of the word.

That is why we have evolved to become a one-stop-shop accomplished at handling all sort of cleaning service you may need. From window cleaning, to gutter cleaning, moss removal, and pressure washing – our delivery is second to none.

We provide timely services. And our customer representatives are always delighted to answer your questions and solve any issue.


Expert Cleaners

We have expert hands on ground for every of those services. With agents that are not only interested with the cleaning out dirt but serving to please you.

Our focus is to ensure the sanitation of your home, and help you live and work in a spotless, sparkling and hygienic environment.

We ensure this by employing only the best workers. They are vibrant and cheerful people who go about helping clients wholeheartedly. They approve with the company’s culture that a great cleaner must always be smartly dressed.


Eco-Friendly Supplies

In our business however, getting effective cleaning supplies and products that are also friendly to the environment can be difficult. But our dedication to a habitable environment has kept us steadfast.

Therefore, Adelco Home Services only use eco-friendly and non-toxic cleaning agents made of naturally occurring constituents. To protect you and your property from the dangers of toxic chemicals.


Window Cleaning

Our window cleaning service is sure to leave your home bright with sunlight and your office sparkling from afar.

We utilize the best of the latest technology used in cleaning. Taking advantage of water-fed tuck poles to work on highly placed windows with superior success. Our cleaners are able to see the full picture of what needs to be done – while being able to reach in and take care of tricky spots.


Gutter Cleaning

We help to keep your house clear of pests and your walls free of mold, by carrying out exceptional gutter cleaning service.

We carry out a total wiping of your gutters, ridding it of clog, pests, grime. While doing this, we go the extra mile to make a professional assessment of the condition of your gutter. And to recommend repairs and possible changes that can improve its strength and durability.

For older gutters, we also offer gutter whitening, to help you reinstate the original colour of your gutter, leaving it a fresh look.


Moss Removal

We have professionals that are experienced with a variety of difficult moss and mildew. They can draw on their experience to choose the best approach to stop the growth and remove existing moss and mildew.


Pressure Washing

Adelco home Services boasts of the safest pressure washing service in Vancouver. We remove mildew and moss with high efficiency.

When carried out improperly, working with high pressure water can be damaging to your home – affecting exterior sockets, your paint as well as your plants. We do our due diligence to ensure the safety and protection of your home before pressure washing starts.

So, when you need a thorough cleaning job done on any part of your property don’t hesitate to give us a call at Adelco Home Services.

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