Moving and Packing for a Last Minute Move

When a new opportunity presents itself that is too good to pass up or you have to relocate on short notice for a family emergency, a last minute move can be very stressful. Last minute moves are more common than uncommon. A professional Vancouver moving company will be able to offer good advice that will … Read more

Moving Costs that can Take You by Surprise

You’ve done your homework and have carefully calculated and anticipated every moving expense.  You’re pretty sure you know what your relocation will cost. The reality is you can never foresee every emergency or extra cost that might pop up. Here are some moving costs that can take you by surprise. Moving and Packing Supplies Whether … Read more

Moving in Winter

Moving is known to be one of life’s top stressors. And moving during the winter months can easily ramp up the stress level. From lots of rain or snow, not to mention windstorms, icy roads, and cold temperatures, moving during the winter might be more challenging than moving at other times of year. Here are … Read more

Just How Much Bubble Wrap Will I Need?

If you’re planning a relocation, everything you own must be packed into boxes, loaded into a moving van, and unloaded upon arrival at your new home. Your salt-and-pepper shaker collection, kitchenware, books, electronics, and all those household items that need to be dissembled first before they can be moved, require proper packing and storing. You … Read more

How to Choose a Vancouver Moving Company

Moving is a stressful time. You need to be able to feel confident in the Vancouver moving company you hire. With so many moving companies out there, how do you know you’re getting someone reliable? If you take the time to select the right moving company, while you might be stressed about moving, you won’t … Read more

Reasons a Moving Company Saves You Money

When a family begins to plan a move, often one of the first things they think of is: should we hire a professional moving company or should we do a DIY move? The first option sounds expensive while the second choice seems more budget-friendly. But there are several persuasive reasons a Vancouver moving company saves … Read more

Moving and Storage Tips for Your Family

Packing up your whole family and moving to a new house can be an exciting time for everyone. But it can also be very stressful, even if the move is a welcome one. Vancouver movers agree the moving process is an opportunity to start fresh. But deciding what to take with you and what to … Read more

Moving Boxes and Procrastination

Even if you’re excited about your career opportunity in a new town and have been planning your relocation for months, moving and packing can be overwhelming. It can hit you all at once – you’ll need moving supplies, including moving boxes. And all those boxes have to be packed. It’s only natural to want to … Read more

Start Here: Things to Include in a Moving Checklist

Getting ready for a big move, whether across the city or to another town in the province, is a roller coaster of emotions from excitement to fatigue to uncertainty to happiness. Many moving companies provide a printable moving checklist to help get you organized. Moving checklists suggested by moving companies are usually divided weeks and … Read more

Plan for enjoyable moving!