new home essentials

New Home First Night Essentials: What to Bring?

The first night you spend in a new home can be exciting, if not a little scary. Having a box of essentials can help your first few nights in your new home run a little smoother. We’ve put together some tips on how to put together your essentials and help alleviate the stress of navigating … Read more New Home First Night Essentials: What to Bring?

Moving-out Checklist

Complete Moving-out Checklist

With years of moving experience across the lower mainland, we have learned first-hand what a complete moving-out checklist looks like! Our goal is to provide a breakdown of the best moving-out tips, to help you avoid some common mistakes. This list is going to include big topics, but also smaller details that you might have … Read more Complete Moving-out Checklist

office move

Office move checklist

Having an office move checklist is essential when planning a successful move into a new office in Vancouver, British Columbia. For starters, there are a few notable differences that separate office moving from regular home-related moves. Today, we will delve into some of our office essentials, to help make your next office-move a great one! … Read more Office move checklist

9 Things to Consider Before Moving to a Small Town

9 Things to Consider Before Moving to a Small Town

Are you finding yourself longing for small-town life lately? Are you looking to have more space, know your neighbors, and to just have a more relaxed way of living? Well, you’re not alone. In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, homebuyer interest in small towns and rural areas is growing, fast. Since we’re all spending more time … Read more 9 Things to Consider Before Moving to a Small Town

Back-to-School Moving

Back-to-School Moving Tips

With September nearby, students province-wide are gearing up for university and could use a few back-to-school moving tips. For some students, back-to-school moving can be as simple as a 15-minute move locally. However, some students have to endure the challenge of moving long distances; some of which span multiple cities or provinces. Today, we will … Read more Back-to-School Moving Tips

Moving to Salmon Arm

4 Things to Avoid When Moving to Salmon Arm

We have all heard stories of nightmare moves, so here are 4 things to avoid when moving to Salmon Arm. Moving is a delicate balance of coordination, preparation, and experience. Although some aspects of your move are out of your control, there are many ways to have a proactive move. In order to move proactively, … Read more 4 Things to Avoid When Moving to Salmon Arm

efficient moving to Salt Spring Island

Efficient Moving to Salt Spring Island

Moving is often a very stressful time, so here are 3 moving tips towards efficient moving! Moving locally is one thing, but moving by ferry from Vancouver to the Salt Spring Island is completely different. A general rule of thumb is the longer and farther the move, the more chances for things to go wrong. … Read more Efficient Moving to Salt Spring Island