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Best Tips for Office Moving

Moving your business and setting up a new office space can be an overwhelming task to take on. Creating a plan and sticking to a schedule are integral to the success of any office move. We’ve put together some tips and tricks to keep you organized and on top of everything during your move. 

Make an office moving plan 

The sooner your start planning your move, the more time you have to deal with unexpected setbacks. Giving yourself plenty of time to organize your office’s move also keeps you from rushing and missing important things in the process. Take your time, plan early! Giving yourself at least six months to prepare is a great starting point. 

Look into local movers and get quotes

It’s important to stick to a budget when it comes to planning an office move. Take some time to do research on local movers and get quotes to find the right company for the job. Often companies that offer commercial moving services also offer full-service moving which can free up a bunch of time. Take a look at your options and see what works for you. 

Assign a move manager 

Putting someone in charge of overseeing your business’s move gives everyone a contact point and keeps the team accountable. If you are the owner or office manager, it’s important to work closely with the person designated to manage the move. This ensures you don’t miss anything. 

Take measurements

If you’re unsure if your new space will accommodate all your current furniture and equipment, take some measurements beforehand. It’s important to plan where everything will be going before you physically move. If you can avoid moving furniture that won’t work in your new space, that saves the cost of having to move unneeded furniture. 

Label everything

There’s nothing worse than settling into a new office space just to realize you can’t find anything you need. Labelling everything you’re moving helps to stay organized and keep yourself appraised of the whereabouts of your equipment. This also lets your movers know which boxes or containers are housing delicate and fragile items. 

Move your services 

We don’t want you to get stuck in a situation where you’re paying two internet bills, so make sure you transfer services such as the internet and phone to your new location. Make sure all affiliated companies and services are aware of your move and your new address. 

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