Back to School Moving

Back to School Moving

Back to school moving is almost upon us! Although most schooling is now online due to the COVID-19 pandemic, students are still moving closer to their home campus. As back to school moving nears, there are still numerous things to consider to make your move as smooth as possible. For those moving from Vancouver to Maine Island or vice versa, here are two great tips to help make your move a breeze.


Back to School Moving: Space


Back to school moving is one of the most exciting periods of a students life. It marks a new beginning, excitement, friends, and possibilities. However, one major factor to keep in mind is space. You should ask yourself, am I moving alone or with a roommate? Am I going to be cooking meals in my home or not? Am I going to be studying predominantly at home or not? These are all key clues into whether or not you will have an enjoyable stay in your new home.


For those moving in with a roommate, you need to consider bedroom space. As much as you may be excited to move-in with your friend, you will undoubtedly need your own space. Having too small a space could mean conflict between you and your roommate, and ultimately cost you your grades. Furthermore, those needing to cook meals at home should look for a house with a full kitchen. There are many affordable rooms that are advertised as having just a kitchenette. Don’t be fooled! A kitchenette is usually just a sink, microwave, and cupboards. If you do heavy cooking you will need to look for a space that includes a ventilated stovetop. Lastly, if you think you will be doing a majority of your studying at home, then you may want to consider a quiet neighborhood. The last thing you need are paper-thin walls or disruptions while studying!




Back to school moving can be a costly process, but it doesn’t have to be. A good tip is to plan well ahead of your move, and start doing research into the area. Trying to find a home in May or June will be much cheaper and easier than three weeks before the beginning of school. Often times, a lot of students search for homes on craigslist. However, a lot of better priced accommodations exist in person. One strategy for finding these great deals is to drive around the area of Maine Island and search for posted signs. Many homeowners who post signs choose not to post online. This will give you an edge over others looking to rent in your area.


In summary, back to school moving to Maine Island can be an exciting moment in any students life. Remember to do your research and find out what kind of space is right for you. Research whether or not you will be studying or cooking at home. Also keep in mind whether or not your new home has enough space for a roommate. Lastly, consider the costs of moving, and do your diligence to find the best deals on local signs versus online. We wish you a safe and happy move!


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