Back-to-School Moving

Back-to-School Moving Tips

With September nearby, students province-wide are gearing up for university and could use a few back-to-school moving tips. For some students, back-to-school moving can be as simple as a 15-minute move locally. However, some students have to endure the challenge of moving long distances; some of which span multiple cities or provinces. Today, we will be discussing some back-to-school moving tips between Vancouver and Vernon BC.


Back-to-School Moving: only pack what you need


Moving away from home can be both a challenging and exciting milestone. Back-to-school moving can bring a new sense of freedom, but at the cost of our old comforts. This can lead to excessive back-to-school hoarding. Students moving to Vernon from Vancouver may feel the need to bring as many belongings with them as possible. This thinking can pose a few problems.

Firstly, carrying too many belongings may lead to extra moving expenses depending on whether or not you are renting a truck. Secondly, bringing too many of your possessions may end up cluttering your new dorm or apartment. Clutter will not only negatively affect your productivity, but may also anger your new roommates. Lastly, you may end up packing too many items to comfortably fit in your space. If this is the case, you can either ship it back, or be forced to sell it in a rush.


Choose your room and roommate carefully


A lot of universities today offer both the option of random roommate selection or self-selection during your first year. In the case of random selection, ensure that you answer the compatibility questionnaire as honestly as possible. If you are a morning person, you likely will not function well with a person who is up until 3am. The last thing you need is to relocate mid-semester due to interpersonal conflicts.

Another crucial matter is to select a room size that is right for you. Some rooms don’t have an indoor washroom or kitchen. Rather, these rooms may be located on separate floors. If this sounds too difficult for you, then you may have to re-think your room selection.


Hire professional movers


Professional movers are your number one safeguard against theft and damage. Professional movers have moved hundreds of times, and are experts at ensuring that your furniture and fragile belongings are cared for.

Hiring professional movers also helps preserve your damage deposit. Amateur movers don’t have the same experience as professionals, and may accidentally damage your new suite. Depending on the extent of the damage, this can translate into hundreds of dollars that could have been easily avoided.

In summary, back-to-school moving to Vernon can be an exciting part of your new journey. As with all moves, there are a few good tips that can help simplify the process. Remember to pack smart, and only take what you need. The last thing you need is excessive clutter and waste. Secondly, ensure you choose your room and roommate carefully. Conflict with roommates or a lack of space are all reasons for an unwanted mid-year move; which is very inconvenient. Lastly, protect your belongings and deposit by only hiring professional movers. We wish you a safe and happy move!


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