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Activities To Explore When Moving to Kelowna

For those of you looking for fun family activities to explore when moving to Kelowna, look no further! Kelowna is arguably one of the most well-known destinations in the Okanagan. With a modest population of roughly 130,000 people, Kelowna offers a great opportunity to focus on more quality family-time. For families thinking of moving to Kelowna from big cities like Vancouver, it is pertinent that you do your research. Kelowna is a much smaller municipality, and can be quite the culture shock for people accustomed to dense cities. On the flip-side, a smaller municipality offers unique activities that larger cities can’t. Today we will be delving into four fun family activities to explore when moving to Kelowna!


Fun family activities to explore when moving to Kelowna: Nature


Kelowna offers dozens of fun family activities to explore outdoors. Some of the best nature attractions include Myra Canyon Park, Knox Mountain, and Kasugai Japanese Garden. Myra Canyon Park is one of the most highly rated parks across Kelowna. This beautiful area features lush greenery and spectacular views. Additionally, you can explore the canyon’s historic Kettle Valley Railway as well as its various bike trails. Knox Mountain offers the best of both worlds. It features a great hike, with its trail ending on a cozy beachfront; perfect for picnics!




Moving to Kelowna allows you to enjoy nature on another level. Kelowna offers a wide array of camp grounds, which are tailored for a variety of age groups. Be sure to visit the child-friendly Willow Creek Family Campground. For those of you looking for a getaway without children, visit the Okanagan Lake Provincial Park campsite.


Water Sports


Kelowna is home to the famous 135 kilometer long Okanagan Lake. In other words, you have 135 kilometers of fun water sports like: kayaking, canoeing, boating, swimming, and fishing. If you feel like staying a little closer to home, then you can enjoy some of the city’s many waterparks. Regardless of whether you choose a lake-day or a waterpark outing, rest assured that Kelowna will not disappoint.


Local Market festivities are must visit when moving to Kelowna


Kelowna and the Okanagan in general are famous for their sweet fruits. Explore one of the local farmers market with your family, and sample the best that Kelowna has to offer. Enjoy a rewarding u-pick experience with the whole family. Lastly, enjoy one of Kelowna’s flower blossom festivals, in which you can watch thousands of flowers sprout in unison.


In summary, Kelowna offers many exciting opportunities to enjoy fun quality-time with your family. For those interested in spending a weekend in nature, you can enjoy a great hike up Myra Canyon Park. Moreover, Kelowna’s famous Okanagan Lake offers residents 135 kilometers of water to kayak and explore! Lastly, your family can enjoy both an exciting weekend camping, followed by a breathtaking view of Kelowna’s flower blossoms. We wish you a safe and happy move!


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