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8 Tips for Packing Fragile Items

After much consideration, you have finally decided to make the jump and move. Once you start preparing for your move, you may not realize how many fragile items you’ll have to prepare for transport. Preparing delicate items can be a daunting task on it’s own. We’ve put together some tips that will help you move your fragile items safely and efficiently.    


Get the right packing materials  


Take an assessment of everything you will need to move and think about which materials you will need. This often includes felt pens, labels, newspaper, bubble wrap, packing blankets, and durable tape.    



Secure moving boxes


Once you have your boxes packed, secure all corners and seams with durable tape. This ensures the box stays secure and doesn’t tear or fall apart during transport.    


Individually wrap smaller items


For smaller items such as cups, vases, and delicate glassware, you will want to wrap them individually. This ensures they are fully protected and have extra layers of material between it and other objects.    


Stuff hollow items with packing material   


For items like bowls, glasses, mugs, and vases, stuffing them with packing material will give them more protection against damage.    


Pack heavy items at the bottom


When packing items into boxes, it’s a good idea to place the heavy items near the bottom. This makes them more sturdy and easier to handle. It also helps to keep other items from getting crushed in transit.    


Pad your boxes with packing material


  To add an extra layer of protection, you may want to add some packing material to the bottom of your boxes. This gives them more of a cushion to land on should they fall or bump into other things.    


Label everything 


Labelling is important no matter what sort of items you are moving. It’s especially important to have fragile items labelled correctly. This indicates to your family, friends, or moving crew that they should be particularly careful moving those boxes.    



Hire professional movers


When you choose to work with a professional moving company such as Real Pro Movers, you’re guaranteed skilled and efficient service. Professional movers will have the tools and experience necessary to execute any type of move. Whether you are moving your family or your business, hiring the right help makes a difference.    


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