8 Tips for Moving into a Dorm

Moving away for school can be an exciting and overwhelming time for a person of any age, whether you’re just out of high school or you’re an adult looking to pump up your education. Before jumping into this big move, there are some tips and tricks that can help your transition go more smoothly. Check out our helpful tips below:

  1. Get a feel for the space.

Inquire with your college about the size and dimensions of your new living space. This will help you get a clearer sense of what you should really be bringing. You will also want to determine if you’ll be sharing the space with a roommate, which facilities will be readily available such as kitchens and bathrooms, and what will already be provided for you in your room.

  1. Contact potential roommates.

Tracking down your roommate(s) and figuring out what both of you have on hand will be helpful with saving space and valuable moving time. If you both have televisions and mini-fridges, decide who will bring what so you don’t end up with two of everything.

  1. Consider living conditions.

Will you have access to a fridge, bathroom, or laundry room? Depending on the facilities available on campus, you may want to consider bringing items like mini-fridges, clothes drying racks, robes, and waterproof shower bags to keep your items dry on your way to and from the bathroom.

  1. Don’t overpack.

It’s likely you will be moving to a living space that is much smaller than what you are used to; take this time to downsize and decide what you will really be needing.

  1. Make lists of what you need to get.

Create lists for items you have and what you will need to bring or buy. Be sure to take your potential roommates’ items into consideration when creating these lists.

  1. Invest in a small safe or lock box.

When you are living communally, you will be forced to be around people you don’t know very well, if at all. It’s important to have a safe and secure place to keep important documents like passports or extra cash.

  1. Look into reputable movers.

Wherever you are moving, it may be a good idea to look into a moving company to help move larger, more awkward items. If you are moving to a dorm in Vancouver, Real Pro Movers would be the ideal professionals with the expertise necessary to execute your move.

  1. Double-check your lists.

Before you leave for school, you will want to go through your lists and check each item off as you go to make sure nothing important is missed.

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