Moving in the summer

5 Tips for Moving in the Summer 

As the temperature heats up, people often take the opportunity of good weather to finally move house. Though many would dread the idea of spending their vacation days packing and loading boxes, there are many benefits to moving in the summer. Below are the top five tips to get through your summertime move.  

Find a reputable moving company

A reputable moving company (like us!) will be open and transparent about their pricing, services, and the moving process. It’s important to work with people you trust. Be sure to do your research. Whether you are getting recommendations by word of mouth or through a Google search, be prepared to ask a lot of questions. The more you know about the types of services you are looking for, the more accurately you can align yourself with the perfect team. 

Get multiple quotes

Moving services often cost more during spring and summer. When looking into movers, be sure to get multiple quotes so you know you’re getting the best value. Hidden costs sometimes arise after the job has been done. Before signing off on a company, see if they offer a walkthrough. This will give both of you a better idea of the cost and gives you an opportunity to ask more specific questions. 

Create a moving plan

Leaving and starting fresh in a new home is the best feeling. It’s important to take the time to organize yourself beforehand by creating a moving plan. This would involve major benchmark dates where certain tasks need to be done before the big move. These tasks often involve doing a deep clean of your current home, deadlines for packing certain items, unenrolling a child from a school, or scheduling viewings of your home. 

Enlist the help of loved ones

During the summer months, many of our family and friends will be off from work or school. Take advantage of their free time by asking for a helping hand during your move. Socializing has been greatly missed by many in the last year, so a moving party with your loved ones is a great way to get back into the rhythm. However, depending on the social distancing restrictions in your area, you may have to be mindful of extra necessary precautions. 

Downsize your collection of belongings

Moving is a great excuse to sort through your belongings and weed through everything. Take some time to decide what’s worth donating and what should be thrown out. It can be tempting to toss your unwanted items in a bag and throw them away. However, donating items in good condition help others find value in your past treasures and keep the world a little more sustainable. Downsizing also means there’s less to move on the big day, so you get to declutter and save a little time and money in the process. 

No matter when you choose to move, it can be overwhelming to take on. If you’re looking for a moving company to help lighten the load, Real Pro Movers is the team for you. Real Pro Movers offers commercial and residential moving services to the Greater Vancouver Area. With a wide variety of services and experienced team members, we’re guaranteed to get the job done right. For more information about our services or a free quote, contact us today.  


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