5 Storage Solutions for When You’re Downsizing Your Home

Economically, it can make a lot of sense deciding to move to a smaller home. If you live in a big city, you will understand how necessary it is to make the most of minimum square footage. For some tips and tricks on how to best maximize your smaller space, take a look at the storage solutions provided below:

  1. Find furniture that doubles as storage:

This can include beds, coffee tables, and ottomans. We recommend opting for beds that come with built-in drawers or even potentially a bed that can be converted into a sofa bed to save space. Ottomans that double as storage are also great options when needing to save space; they are great for blankets or shoes. Coffee tables with storage can be a great multi-functional piece for your living room, acting as great storage for your movies, remotes, magazines, or books. Furniture pieces like this are space-saving and decorative!

  1. Stock up on organization racks and drawers:

Organization racks and drawers are an excellent way to avoid clutter if you happen to be living in tight quarters. Not only will they help you keep your items organized and easily accessible, it can help you manage what you have on hand to help you avoid buying multiples of the same items.

  1. Sort through items for donating regularly:

A great way to ease the potential for an over-cluttered space is to frequently sift through your belongings and toss or donate what you know you won’t be using. Many charities and organizations offer pickup services for unwanted items, so this is a great option for those without vehicles or with large pieces to donate.

  1. Install floating cabinets and shelves to save floor space:

An easy way to optimize space in a small home is to mount furniture on your walls instead of having shelves or cabinets take up valuable floor space. You can hang televisions, cabinets, shelves, desks, and wall hooks to add to your storage needs while maximizing space in your home.

  1. Rent a storage unit:

If you have many items you simply can’t part with but know you will need in the future, a storage unit is a great option for you. These storage spaces are great because they allow you to feel comfortable and safe because you know your items are being looked after. These companies have round the clock security, so you know your storage unit will be well taken care of. Many of these companies offer free online quotes and allow you to compare the cost of other companies.

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