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5 Spring Cleaning Solutions for Your Home

Continuing to live through the times of social distancing and lockdowns has provided us with few benefits. However, with more time spent at home, you’re now able to get to all those to-do lists you’ve been neglecting. Spring cleaning is a cliche for a reason–there’s nothing better than a fresh, clean home on a breezy sunny day. We’ve gathered up our favorite spring cleaning solutions to inspire you to keep your home spotless all season. 

Protect your furniture

To keep your furniture dust-free we recommend using some sort of furniture covers while you clean. Plastic covers are commonly used for couches, armchairs, and mattresses. However, a simple sheet or bedspread will do the trick in a pinch. It’s a complicated enough process to clean your fan alone, you don’t need the added task of cleaning it’s dust off your coffee table. 

Start from the ceiling down

A great time saving tip is to start the cleaning process from the ceiling down. If you clean your floors first, it’s likely that dust and dirt from other furniture will fall onto the ground. Starting at the top helps you to avoid cleaning certain surfaces multiple times. We want you to work smarter, not harder! 

Clear the space

We recommend you shift your furniture around as you go to make sure you get to every corner. Sweeping under your couch is not only good practice, you’re often left with spare change and other lost objects as a reward! If you’re going to the trouble of doing a big clean, you might as well go all the way. 

Spring cleaning – decluttering  

Decluttering is one of the greatest benefits of spring cleaning. You’re able to clear unneeded items from your space and feel at ease in your spotless home. We recommend starting your decluttering as soon as you start cleaning. As you go you’ll notice things that you no longer need that you can set aside for donation or the bin. It’s also a great idea to set aside some time dedicated to decluttering and sorting through your items to see what can go. 

Pay attention to details 

High-traffic areas such as kitchens and bathrooms often accumulate hard to reach grime. It’s important to pay attention to the small things like mouldings, grouts, wall corners, and the space under large furniture. Even your walls need a wipe down every once in a while. 

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