Moving in 2020

5 Great Reasons Why You Should Consider Moving in 2020

If you’re still uncertain on whether 2020 is a good year for moving, then you came to the right place. This article will delve into five of the most common reasons people move, and whether it’s right for you!

Tight budget

The year twenty-twenty will always be remembered as the year COVID-19 shook the world. Everyone’s finances, except for first responders and essential service workers have taken significant monetary setbacks. Renters and home owners alike are considering the possibility of a long-term quarantine situation greater than 4-months. If this happens, then millions around the world will have to start considering downsizing and cutting back excess expenditures. If finances are already tight, then you may want to consider a smaller, more affordable home until this crisis subsides.

Avoid pollution

For many families, a home is a symbol of peace, health, and stability. However, when your home causes you distress, sickness, or instability, then you have to either fix it or get out. Pollution is a great example because it includes both noise-pollution and emissions. Noise pollution is a deal breaker for many families when choosing a home. Unfortunately, we often discover a neighborhood is noisy after we move in! If you have a noisy neighbor, you can often solve the problem by speaking with them or their landlord. However, if the source of the noise is out of your control like traffic, then consider moving.

Moving closer to family and friends

Prioritizing work for too long can easily strain your relationships. Being career-driven is great, but there is a happy medium where you can work and enjoy the company of others. Being close to family, just not too close (6-foot rule), is a great way to increase your quality of life. So if you’re finding yourself overworked and distant from loved ones, then 2020 is a great time to consider moving!

Move to a Fresh start

Forget cleaning your garage, the new and ultimate spring cleaning is moving houses! In fact, moving forces you to go through items you would have otherwise left untouched. It allows you to sift and separate between items you want, need, and can give away. This pandemic provides the perfect opportunity for you to go through each and every one of your belongings without interruption. Many individuals adamant on downsizing can easily shed 20-25% of their household clutter by moving. For more determined minimalists, even 50% can be reached! Moving to a new area with less clutter can open your mind to new possibilities. Also, who doesn’t like styling an empty home with fresh new fixtures and furniture!


The number one complaint about downsizing is having less space. But it also means less cleaning, less spent on electricity, and less heating. Downsizing is a great option for families wishing to spend more time outside the home, rather than in it!

As the world around us changes, so do our lives and our living arrangements. Our team at Real Pro Movers is determined to remove any stress associated with your relocation. We strive to serve you efficiently and hygienically, and have years of experience with all types of moves. We look forward to serving you!

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