5 Easy Steps to Move during the COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected everyone’s life, including employment, housing, and even moving. A common misconception is that many people may have opted-out from moving entirely which is completely false. Moving has indeed reduced, but it is still very much active. So how do people hoping to move navigate through these stressful times safely and hygienically? Here are 5 tips to make moving amid the COVID-19 pandemic and easy and safe event.

1. Voice your health concerns with your moving company

With social distancing and quarantines becoming more rampant, it is better to seek professional moving help over friends and family. In fact, voice your concerns by calling various moving companies to see what their policies around COVID-19 are. Professional moving companies should already have implemented complete precautions around hygiene. So if a company sounds dismissive, or appears to take hygiene lightly, then protect your health and look elsewhere!

2. Wear protective gear

Moving is a physical job which takes a lot of exertion. Exertion, shouting, and fast movements can result spraying small particles of saliva. In short, given that COVID-19 spreads with droplets which can last on surfaces for hours, then wearing masks is essential.

3. Sanitize clothing and gloves during Covid-19

Work gloves which are commonly worn by movers are porous and can hold a lot of bacteria. Therefore, encourage movers to regularly sanitize their gloves as the day progresses. Furthermore, clothing is another easily forgotten virus-carrier, amidst all the talk about gloves and masks. Try buying a Lysol spray can (or two), that is designed for both hard surfaces and clothing.

4. Keep your distance

Keeping a distance of 6-feet, helps limit the transfer of saliva as we speak with one another. This is especially important when inside tight spaces like a moving truck. A good strategy to enforce social distancing in your move is to stagger each of your movers. For example, try assigning movers to separate tasks. One mover could be stationed in the truck, and tasked with only moving items to the curb. While another mover can be tasked with moving any boxes from the curb, and loading them into the elevator.

5. Avoid cash

Many companies have temporarily suspended the use of cash-payments as a way to limit the spread of viruses. An easy solution for this is to pay for your move via online credit or use a portable payment terminal. Never hesitate to get clarification with your moving company regarding what there payment policy is ahead of time.

All the added vigilance towards good hygiene may seem inconvenient, but our health is a top priority. Remember to always voice your concerns with your moving company, and to inquire about there hygiene policy. Ensure you and your movers wear the necessary protective gear. State from the beginning that you only want their business if and only if they agree to protect themselves. Lastly, remember to keep 6-feet of distance between yourself and your movers; and to opt-in for non-cash payments. Wishing you and your families a safe and healthy move! If you’re looking for a reliable mover during these uncertain times get in touch with your local professional team at REAL PRO MOVERS!

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